A Dress A Day: Bride to Be Dress (Day 18)

flamingo wall in downtown chicago

Little White Dress | Pink Velvet Heels (similar here and here) | Pink Tote | White Sunglasses | Pink Tassel Earrings | Lipstick in ‘Bawse’

I finally got to see the flamingo wall!! This was one of the first spots I noticed when we moved to Chicago. When you’re going to our apartment from the airport, you pass this mural. So I mean it when I say one of the first! It’s pretty close to our apartment but for whatever reason, we hadn’t made it there until now. I wanted to wait for the perfect outfit to shoot there and by week 3 of A Dress A Day, I think I’ve found it!

Now that Memorial Day is behind us, I feel like weddings really pick up. If you’re a bride, this post is definitely for you! If you’re hopelessly single, extremely tan, or just love the color white like me, this post is for you too. So basically, it’s for everyone who’s favorite color isn’t black.

So let’s talk about this LWD (little white dress). I was in the elevator of our building wearing this outfit and was surprised how many people said I looked cute. I was wearing Nikes and carrying these heels (to be comfortable on the walk to this wall). I mean, my Nikes are cute but not that cute. Just goes to show you how kind people are here in the Midwest. And it was like 2 people but still. That’s a lot in an elevator ride.

And I realize I still haven’t talked about this LWD. Keep getting side tracked! I just love the pleated skirt and the draping on the top together. It’s the perfect compliment, speaking of compliments. And the pink accessories compliment the wall. There’s just a whole lot of complimenting over here! I meant it when I said I wanted to plan the perfect outfit! When the wall is this good, it’s worth it. For those of you planning a trip to Chicago, this wall is located at W. Ohio Street and N. Wells Street in River North.

For a little something extra, I linked to a few more white dresses that are great for summer. Some of them are part of the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale so there are some really great deals! This one and this one are a little bit of a splurge but so good if you’re looking for an investment piece.

Are you a bride or attending a wedding this summer? Tell me where the wedding will be in the comments below!

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