Best Eye Creams

Best Eye Creams by popular Chicago style and beauty blogger Visions of Vogue
We’re all the same. We are all looking for the unicorn skincare product: the best eye creams. Whether you’re a sleep deprived new mom or genetics has left you with permanent raccoon eyes, we all want to get rid of those dark circles. So what are the best eye creams?

I’ve spent the last year on a mission to find an eye cream that gets rid of dark undereyes. I’ve tried each of the products below for at least 3 weeks and most of them I’ve used the whole product. All in all, I’ve been a little disappointed. Either that or my dark circles are just too stubborn! I’ve read a million reviews and used Sephora’s various filters a hundred times to find products that claim to get rid of them.

I’m also working on finding good products to conceal my dark circles but you guys know I’m all about skincare first. I would rather have to use less makeup but have the option to use more when I want! I’m a huge believer in a great skincare routine (I shared mine here last week). While I love makeup (and am grateful for what it does for my face on those days I’m really tired), no one feels good about themselves when they take it all off and don’t like what they see. For me, skincare is the key to helping you look your best “naturally”. Makeup is an accessory to that.

I’m going to keep updating this post as I try new eye creams. As I finish a new product, I’ll share what I thought of it and add it to the list. I ranked all of them from best to worst – I feel like this is more helpful than randomly browsing the Sephora website. This way, you can see a side by side comparison because the same person used them all! Most of them are pretty good when it comes to safe beauty but not all of them are! While I love watching our for toxic ingredients, my priority is products that actually work.

I’m also going to be sharing the eye creams that are up next for me! That way you guys can follow along. After the Drunk Elephant one, I’m going to be trying the Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream and then the Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. If you have a favorite or one you swear by, please leave it in the comments below!


1. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate ($68 for 15mL)

This eye cream is probably my favorite one. While it didn’t do much for my dark circles (it’s more targeted toward anti-aging), it left my eyes feeling the most hydrated. The scent is also amazing. I love the black tea element and have heard about the amazing things tea can do for your skin. This is probably one of the only ones I would personally buy again. It also lasted the longest so even though it’s on the more expensive end I found I needed to use less. It also didn’t irritate my eyes or make my skin red (I have really sensitive skin).

2. Colleen Rothschild Complete Eye Cream ($65 for mL)

I like this brand generally speaking and have talked about it on the blog a couple times. Their products are okay when it comes to safety, a bunch contain PEGs (carcinogens) which I’m not wild about. I used this eye cream and again, it didn’t do anything for my dark circles but it hydrated decently. I liked that it had botanicals in it to strength the skin and reduce fine lines. It’s a good eye cream that is more for anti-aging than dark circles though!

3. Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief ($48 for 15mL)

I feel like this brand reminds me of high school. This product was supposed to also be targeted toward dark circles but I only felt like it helped a little. It was thicker than the Drunk Elephant one though which I liked although it was still a lightweight product. Definitely more of a serum targeted toward anti-aging than a moisturizer. It’s also formulated without parabens and pthalates.

4. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG ($6.70 for 30mL)

I’ve heard tons about the benefits of caffeine for dark circles and was cautiously skeptically optimistic about this product. After using it for 3 weeks, I have to admit that it doesn’t do anything for my dark circles. It’s more of a liquid-y gel and you apply it with an eyedropper. I like the concept of that but found that I still ended up using my regular eye cream afterward for a little extra moisture. It’s incredibly affordable which is what brings it into the top 5 but as with most eye creams, I just didn’t see the results I hoped for. You also really need to massage it into your skin – you should start to feel a slight tingle or burn if you’ve done it properly! It’s a bit counterintuitive but I liked the feeling and it did make my skin feel a little tighter.

5. Glo Photo-Active Eye Serum ($86 for 15mL)

This is another average eye cream. I love that it’s a safe brand and the product is pretty thick so it hydrates well. Matt is actually using this one right now and will probably switch to a different one once he’s done. It didn’t get rid of my circles but the hydration factor was there (not quite as good as Fresh though) and it’s affordable. It’s a little harder to travel with because it’s a heavy glass container.

6. Drunk Elephant Shaba Complex Eye Serum ($60 for 15mL)

I’d heard great things about this brand for being safer and less toxic so I picked up this eye cream in the last Sephora sale. Honestly, it’s okay. I think it slightly improved my circles but then it seemed to go backwards as they were right back in full force. The product itself is more on the watery side so mentally, I don’t feel like it hydrates as well as it could. My skin isn’t peeling though so maybe this is some miracle technology. I also can’t take the packaging of this brand seriously – it feels like something made for a child.

7. Ren Keep Young and Beautiful Anti-Aging ($42 for 15mL)

This brand is generally pretty safe which is why I bought this. It hydrated pretty well but again, didn’t do much for my dark circles. It was just a good and affordable eye cream that is more targeted toward fine lines and wrinkles. If I wasn’t so committed to getting rid of the permanent purple around my eyes, I’d consider buying again. Easy to travel with too and fit into cosmetics bags because of the shape of the package!

8. Beautycounter Nourishing Eye Cream ($35 for 13.3mL)

I tried the old formula for this years ago so I’ll caveat my review with that. The formula has been updated and improved since! It’s another average eye cream that is really affordable. It’s 100% safe which I love but it didn’t get rid of dark circles and it hydrated moderately well. It’s an average thickness but the packaging makes it really easy to travel with. Beautycounter is one of my favorite brands which is why I’m trying their new eye cream next.

9. Caudalie Vine[Active] Energizing and Smoothing Eye Cream ($39 for 15mL)

This eye cream was right in the middle of the pack too. It’s not terribly thick and creamy so I felt like it wasn’t as moisturizing as the ones at the top of the list. It also didn’t really fight dark circles. The tube is easy to travel with though because it’s not a heavy glass pot. It’s also one of the most affordable eye creams out there. However, it performed just okay.

10. Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rick Intensive Anti-Aging Cellular Eye Cream ($65 for 22.5mL) 

With a name like this, I expected miracles! This product started irritating me more and more the longer I used it. I love the PTR gel pads (although some contain toxins) for a refreshing eye treatment so I really was looking forward to it. However, it eventually irritated my skin so much that I had to stop using it. I also noticed it cause some milia (white bumps in your skin that aren’t harmful and are usually caused by dead skin cells trapped in your pores). It was an average thickness and didn’t do anything for my dark circles. If I wasn’t seemingly allergic to it, this product would be higher on my list.

11. Volition Beauty Helix AM/PM Eye Gel ($52 for 15mL)

I was so excited for this one. Sephora promised that it was safer and would get rid of my dark circles plus the packaging was pretty. I was so excited for it that when it sold out, I signed up to be notified when it was back in stock. I also thought that meant it would be the black horse/miracle product we’d all been waiting for since I’d never heard of the brand. I loved that it was more of a gel texture – the product itself is clear. I felt like the gel cooled my eyes and felt refreshing. However, I noticed zero improvement in my dark circles. I also noticed that it made my skin burn and appear a little red. It wasn’t every night but it was most nights. At first I just assumed this was the product working miracles. However, after a month of no results and it being only moderately hydrating, I have banished it to the back of my medicine cabinet.

12. Beautycounter Rejuvenating Eye Cream ($58 for 15mL)

I found out that I’m allergic to apricot oil from when I tried this product. At the time, I was working at Beautycounter so they had me sample multiple formulas to see why it irritated me. This was pretty common – I forget the percentage of people who complained about this but I’m sure they all had a similar allergy because so many of these products contain these natural “active” ingredients. Since this line targets anti-aging, there are more active ingredients in it (this is the same for all beauty products). It’s another safe eye cream but ultimately, it irritated my skin so much and turned it red that I stopped using it.

13. Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel ($54 for 15mL)

Another eye cream that Sephora promised amazing things from but fell short. I had really high hopes because the name sounded like something out of my Chemistry book! I liked that it was safer again but it didn’t do a thing for my circles and it didn’t hydrate much at all. Again, it was more of a gel and I think came out a slight green/blue color if I remember correctly. I bought this one in the 2016 Sephora VIB Sale after filtering on products that were the top rated for dark circles. I ended up tossing this after a few weeks – it wasn’t even worth finishing.

Do you have a couple of favorite or best eye creams? Help me out and leave the name of it below so I can try it and add it to this list!

Let me know what you think!