Friday Five: 5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Hotel

where to stay in santorini

I’ve mentioned Matt’s ability to pick hotels in a few of my travel guides (most recently here and here). It’s amazing. Personally, I struggle to pick a dinner restaurant, let alone a place to call home for a few nights. The information is down right overwhelming. Not to mention the stress of questioning your decision. So, I figured it might be helpful to hear how he chooses where we stay! After all, there’s nothing better than knowing you made the best choice, right?

Here are Matt’s tips for picking a good hotel…

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Greece Travel Guide: Santorini and Naxos

white stairs in santorini greece

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While Athens and Mykonos (details here) were as magical as one could hope, it was the end of the second half of our Greece trip that completely won over my heart. If sleepy beach towns and breathtaking sunsets sound like the dream they are, keep reading for part 2 of my Greece travel guide!

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Greece Travel Guide: Athens and Mykonos

white and blue streets in mykonos

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Having been back in the states for a week, I figured there’s no better way to start off the work week than with a Greece travel guide. At least, part 1 of it (check back on Thursday for part 2)! Greece was our favorite country we’ve visited, hands down. That’s saying a lot! Since there was so much to share, today’s post is everything you need to do and see in Athens and Mykonos!

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