Beauty Must Haves

I will always be a skincare girl first, makeup second but I do love a bold lip and some pretty palettes as well as my 5 minute makeup routine! All of these products are 100% non toxic – for more details on what that means and why it’s important, read this post on why you should be reading the ingredients in your products or check out my safe beauty section!

Aside from Beautycounter (here is my “best of” list), here are more products that I use in my routine! As I talked about here, my approach to beauty is to make the switch to safer where possible and where I can find products that actually work. That means that not all of these products are 100% non-toxic like the Beautycounter products so I use them in moderation. Generally, speaking they are better than most brands out there though! I don’t recommend anything I don’t swear by or use myself!

Also, for anyone wanting to try face oil (this is my skin secret I talk about here)! I’m a huge fan of Beautycounter so if you ever have questions about their products, just ask. I’m happy to make a recommendation or help you with finding a routine that works for you! I actually LOVE doing this! I’ve also written a few posts reviewing products (even the bad ones so you know not to waste your money)!