A Dress A Day: Beach Cover Up (Day 15)

a white maxi dress cover up for a pool or beach day

Sundress Cover Up from Everything But Water | Floral Flat Sandals | Tassel Straw Tote | White Sunglasses | Similar Red Tassel Earrings | Bar Necklace 

It never ceases to amaze me that we spend 5 days a week working for every 2 we have off. Whoever thought up our work schedule was a masochist. I think we all need a little more vacation in our lives. While this will probably never happen, a girl can dream… about what to wear on vacation! Since we just got back from Mexico, let’s start there with a beach cover up!

Cover ups were never something I thought about or remembered to pack when I was younger. Jean shorts and whatever crumbled shirt I found wadded in the bottom of my suitcase was the name of the game. And while that’s fine for my college years, I like to think I’m a little more refined now. That I’ve put a little more thought into developing a functional wardrobe. Maxi dresses are my solution.

I mentioned this in my Instagram “try-on session” before we left but I love dresses for vacation. It’s a one and done. No need to figure out what pairs with what. Just throw it on, pick your favorite sandals, and go. Maxis can also serve as a pillow while you’re laying out or serve another purpose: to literally cover you up if you’ve had a little too much sun. Getting late in the day? No problem. This dress is like a (light) blanket should the breeze pick up. A blanket with the cutest darn tassels I’ve ever seen.

While I realize the times in life where you’ll need an item dedicated to the beach may be on the lower end (especially for those of us that don’t live near the beach), do yourself a favor. Get just one. You’ll feel just a little more classy and your friends will notice. No need to go crazy and buy 10. But in case you are crazy (or live near a beach), here are 10 of my favorite cover ups this summer:

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  1. this is exactly what i do while i’m on vacation – dresses all the time! but i’ve never had such a cute one for a cover-up, so i may need to look into getting my hands on this one! so adorable!

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