6 Step Night Skincare Routine

best night skincare routine for anti-aging - 6 Step Night Skincare Routine by popular Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

Here are all the products for my night skincare routine (directions are below!):

Makeup Remover | Face Wash | Toner | Eye Cream | Serum | Face Oil | Face Lotion

It’s been over a year since I first wrote about my night skincare routine so I thought it was time for a refresh! If you’re new here, I’m a skincare girl first, then makeup. I like my skin to look it’s best before putting on makeup so I have to use less! I’ve kept this routine constant for about 2 years with only a few changes so that should tell you how good it is!

When it comes to skincare, I’m not about products that “kind of” work. If I have to strain my eyes to see improvements, there’s got to be something better. I’m also a lover of safe beauty. If that’s something you’re not familiar with, you can read more about the toxic chemicals found in most personal care products here. After working in the beauty industry for years, I’ve found that not only is my skin happier but so is my health when I’m using safer products.

That said, the world of chemistry hasn’t come that far yet. While my favorite beauty brand is Beautycounter because it’s 100% reliable, no brand can knock it out of the park with every single night skincare routine product. They just can’t. It’s impossible to be good at everything. Just like humans, right? I know I’m definitely not good at everything I try to do! All this to say, I’ve found a solid routine (for the most part) and I’m constantly sampling new things to see if I can find better. I want what we all want: to look my best!

As I’ve been talking more and more about skincare on Instagram, I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about my night skincare routine so I thought I would update to what I’m using lately and lay it out step by step! So, here goes!


Step 1: Wash off your makeup. 

best eye makeup remover and face cleaner - 6 Step Night Skincare Routine by popular Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

I usually do a 2 step process for this. I’ve noticed that simply washing your face with any face wash just doesn’t cut it most of the time. I’ve also had to buy new white washcloths about a hundred times so I know that’s the case! I like the white ones because it’s easiest to tell when there’s nothing left on my face. So, I’ll take one of these cotton face pads and wet them with this makeup remover to start. Even though the makeup remover says it’s specific to the eyes, you can use it all over your face. This step helps my washcloths stay whiter because you can just toss the cotton pad afterward! I was using the Bioderma Sensibio H2O but it contains PEGs which are toxic chemicals so I switched to this one!

Next, I’ll take half a dime size of this cream cleanser in my fingertips and wet them. I’ll rub this gently on my eyelashes to get off all my remaining mascara. I love that this face wash is gentle enough to use on your eyes as well. It makes things so easy to have an all-in-one like this! A little goes a long way with this product so just remember that when using. Then, I’ll put a little on my washcloth or my Clarisonic depending on the day. I try to mix it up every few days. I also use these cleansing cloths when I know my skin needs me to be a little more gentle on it. Then I pat dry (not wipe!) with a towel.

Step 2: Toner. 

how to get rid of acne - 6 Step Night Skincare Routine by popular Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

I never really had an issue with acne but ever since I added this Sunday Riley toner to my routine, I haven’t had a single zit. That’s almost 2 years without a single breakout! I had mildly oily skin and this toner really helps balance the pH of my skin. I also convinced Matt that he needed a skincare routine for men and toner really helped his acne! He prefers to use these toner pads now (I got him to switch to safer too) because he doesn’t like to touch the product with his fingers. If you don’t mind, go with the Sunday Riley toner. It should last you at least 6 months. Just a tip, try not to get the gold foil around the rim wet – it will start peeling off eventually. Other than that, it’s amazing and I’ve re-bought this toner 3 times! If you’re like Matt and don’t like to get your fingers dirty, go with the toner pads!

Step 3: Eye cream.

eye cream to get rid of dark circles - 6 Step Night Skincare Routine by popular Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

This is one of the steps that I’m still working on. I’ve tried over 10 eye creams in the past year and here’s a post where I review all of them. Most promise things that they don’t actually deliver on. In fact, I have yet to find one that gets rid of my dark circles. Even if it’s hereditary, I’d like to believe there’s a product out there that works! If I had to recommend one eye cream, I would go with this Countermatch Eye Cream. It is 100% non-toxic, incredibly affordable, and provides a great level of moisture. Even though it’s not as moisturizing as the Fresh Eye Cream, I would buy it over the Fresh one because it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals and the price point is better.

Use your ring finger to gently pat the product along your orbital bone. You should not be putting this directly on your dark circles! It will absorb by itself!

I put on eye cream in between toner and serum because I like to let the toner sink in for a couple seconds. You don’t have to do it this way but that way I make sure my skin is absorbing the product (which means changes are happening).

Step 4: Serum. 

best serum to prevent signs of aging - 6 Step Night Skincare Routine by popular Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

Serum is a game changer for anyone who is worried about signs of aging (which would be every female). Here are the best anti-aging serums I’ve tried. You are never too young to start using a serum! I wish I had started using one in high school! The best product I’ve tried is this new Overnight Resurfacing Peel. It isn’t a serum exactly but you use it like a serum. You only need it 3-4 times a week so it lasts longer than a serum you would use every night! I noticed a difference in my skin after one use!

Everyone’s skin is different but the Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum is another good only one that has made a noticeable difference in my skin. Even Matt noticed. It’s also a safer skincare brand. It’s very floral scented so it may take some time getting used to it up front. That’s my only complaint about the product but it’s so good for your skin that it’s worth it! Gently cover your face with this and also your neck!

Let your serum absorb for at least a minute. This is the product with the most active ingredients so you want to make sure your skin has time to absorb.

Step 5: Brush your teeth.

I know this is a skincare post but there’s a reason I put this in here. While this may seem backward, I used to brush my teeth before I washed my face but I found myself rushing through my night skincare routine. I just wanted to get to sleep! That also meant I wasn’t letting my toner sit on my skin long enough before going on with the next step. So, I changed things around so now I’m forcing myself into letting the serum sit for at least 2 minutes. I use an electric toothbrush so I love that it times me!

Step 6: Face oil and moisturizer.

how to avoid dry skin - 6 Step Night Skincare Routine by popular Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

There’s also a reason I combined this step! Both of these things serve to hydrate your face (although your face oil does a ton more). Face oil is the biggest game changer for anyone’s skin. It’s definitely a product where when you hear it for the first time, you think “what is that?”. Trust me when I say, you need it. If there’s anything that will make the biggest impact to how your skin looks and feels, it’s face oil. It is multi purpose too and does everything from hydrate to fight signs of aging to refresh your makeup. I wrote this post about why you need to be using face oil for more details! Basically, it’s great for anyone that has oily skin and also people that have dry skin because it helps regulate your skin’s oil production. Seriously makes a world of difference! I’ve introduced so many people to this product and have never had a bad review! And trust me, I always ask.

Not sure which one to buy? If you like citrus, buy the No. 1: Brightening. I like to use this one in the morning because I feel like citrus really wakes me up. If you like more floral scents, go with No. 3: Balancing. I use this one at night because I found it to be more calming. One bottle usually lasts about 6 months if you’re using 1-2 drops a night which is what I would recommend to start. After your skin gets used to face oil, you can step it up. I’ve been using it for 5 years so I’m at the point where I’m using 5-10 drops a night!

I’m currently using the Countermatch face lotion because it adapts to your skin and it’s also really lightweight. Since I’m using face oil as the heavy hitter when it comes to moisture, you shouldn’t need a thick lotion to keep your skin hydrated. Thick lotions will clog your pores. I put 2-3 pumps of this face lotion in my palm and then drop my face oil on top of it. I gently mix the combo for a couple seconds and then press it onto my face. I press upward and back – I don’t rub! This helps avoid stretching out your skin unnecessarily. I also apply this down my neck, trying to always press up (against gravity). Gravity already does a number on you as you age – you don’t need to help it along!

After that, I’m off to bed! This night skincare routine routine is literally the best part of my day. I always feel refreshed and like I’m taking care of myself afterward. While it is an initial investment to get these products, I’ve found I needed to invest less in makeup and dermatology appointments because I’m taking care of my skin so well. I literally haven’t been to the dermatologist in years for anything from breakouts to rashes!

Do you use a night skincare routine? What is it? Do you have any skincare products that you swear by? Let me know below!

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  1. Wow, I really need to step up my skincare game. I still haven’t tried any serums or oils yet, so I’m thinking I should give one a go! Just wanted to let you know that for me, all of your links just went to a beauty counter homepage (not actual product links) and your sephora link was a product not found link! So I couldn’t actually see any of the products I clicked on.

    1. Thank you for letting me know!! I just fixed the ones at the top but all of the other ones in the post should have worked for you! Let me know if you still are having trouble!!

  2. Multifunction eye cream (for lines) and eye brightening complex (dark circles) by Rodan and Fields are game changers for me!! I also swear by their hydration serum. Have you tried any of those yet? Amazing.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I haven’t tried R+F (and probably wouldn’t at this point) because the ingredients are a little too toxic for me!

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