A Dress A Day: Fourth of July (Day 30)

fourth of july outfit inspiration

Striped One Shoulder Top | Midi Skirt (I wore this to work!) | Grey Suede Sandals | Blue Pom Beach Tote (linked to a bunch on sale below!) | White Tassel Earrings | California Necklace | White Sunglasses

It’s the last day of this series and I’m cheating. While it’s been so fun to share dresses for every occasion with you, I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited to finish it! I knew from the beginning it would be a ton of work. I didn’t know just how much it would be though. I also knew I’d need to get Matt (my Instagram husband) on board. What a trooper he is! In all fairness I initially asked him in a moment of weakness (AKA when he was a few beers in at a brewery). I know what I’m doing. But he agreed and I couldn’t be more grateful he helped me pull this off!

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A Dress A Day: Fiesta Dress (Day 29) and Trend Spin Linkup

majorelle pom pom dress from revolve clothing

Pom Pom Dress (also in white) | Colorful Woven Clutch| Wrap Around Sandals (2 colors, 50% off!) | Gold Layered Y Choker | Simple Gold Cuff | Lipstick in ‘Babe Alert’

I feel like everyone has tassel or pom pom fever right now. With everyone dressing like they just walked out of a Cinco de Mayo party, it can be hard to assess if this trend is here to stay. If this post on Instagram is any indication, it is. Poms on poms on poms! Let’s keep it going with this pom mini dress!

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A Dress A Day: Day To Night Dress (Day 28) and $500 Target Giveaway

soprano floral dress and a levi's jean jacket

Day Look: Floral Dress | Pink Suede Sandals | Similar Tassel Tote | Denim Jacket | Tortoise Sunglasses | Lipstick in ‘Babe Alert’ | California Necklace

Night Look: Floral Dress | Pink Suede Heels | Bamboo Bag (just got this and wore it with 5 different outfits in Mexico!) | White Sunglasses | Similar Statement Cuff | Lipstick in ‘Bawse’ | White Earrings

Now that we don’t have a car (we sold both of ours once we moved to Chicago last fall), I find myself having to carry a lot more with me. While my shoulders are getting stronger from toting around all my stuff, I’m all about packing as light as I can. I don’t need to look like The Hulk. So many of the dresses in this A Dress A Day series have been about versatility. Today, I’m making it obvious as I take a dress from day to night! I even challenged Leah from Eat Pray Wear Love to do the same!

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A Dress A Day: Afternoon Tea (Day 27)

nbd brielle gown in periwinkle

Blue Lace Midi Dress | Rose Gold Heels | Grey Clutch | Mirrored Sunglasses | Fortune Cookie NecklaceLipstick in ‘Babe Alert’ 

I’m not a fan of tea. Gasp. I know. Personally, I’m not a fan of any warm beverage (yep, that counts out coffee too – shocker). However, I adore the concept of having tea. Just ask Matt. Last year in Ireland, I conned him into going to tea when we stayed at Ashford castle and it did not disappoint. The scones alone were worth all the teasing I got for the rest of the trip for making him drink the whole pot of tea. When we shot this post at the Langham here in Chicago, I saw that they did a tea too!  So if you need something to wear, this lace blue dress gives me all the feels!

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A Dress A Day: Errands (Day 26)

cupcakes and cashmere blue striped shirtdress

Striped Shirtdress | Brown Woven WedgesLeather Crossbody Bag (3 colors!) | Tortoise Sunglasses | Bracelets here and here | California Necklace | Lipstick in ‘Bawse’

Errands. That’s a word that will get you to say “ugh” every time. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “I love running errands”! Thank god for Amazon Prime. But when you’ve found the one thing you can’t get off Amazon, you want to be cute and comfortable when you’re checking off to dos. In comes this shirtdress.Read More