A Dress A Day: Vacation Dress (Day 16)

Mara Hoffman halter midi dress for summer outfit inspiration.

Marimba Print Dress from Everything But Water | Similar Flat Sandals (also just got these in a few colors!)| Similar Clare Vivier Clutch | Tortoise Sunglasses | Turquoise Earrings | Lipstick in ‘Babe Alert’

Following yesterday’s post, I feel like it’s only appropriate to talk about what to wear on vacation after you’ve spent a day at the beach. Tight itchy fabrics are out. And TBH, pulling on some denim shorts just sounds like torture. Chances are, your skin needs a little TLC so lather on that Aloe Vera. Then, slip into this watercolor dress.

The beautiful colors and the flowing skirt make this dress one of my favorites for dinner on vacation. If dinner happens to be by the water, even better. The length of this dress makes it so beautiful flowing in the wind! It’s also a little classier so while you might want to pair it with flat sandals on vacation, you can come home and dress it up for dinner at your favorite restaurant with a pair of summer heels!

It’s really hard to pick a favorite from this A Dress A Day series but I may have just found it. I have been eyeing this dress for months. Literally, months. It’s a little more of an investment but sometimes you just need a quality piece in your wardrobe. I’m all about mixing high and low fashion if you couldn’t tell!

For example, Monday’s post featured a dress that was only $39. On Friday, I paired studded designer heels (and also listed out my favorite dupes) with a $150 dress. And on Day 6 of this series, I shared an $88 lace dress that comes in 9 colors. And then there’s today’s dress. The point is, I’m all about balance.

Build a great foundation for your closet with those affordable basics for under $50. When it comes to hot trendy items, like flamingo or palm print, look for low budget pieces. You never know how long those trends will be around. Sprinkle in a few dresses that are a little more of an investment. The ones you can’t stop thinking about and know you’ll wear for years to come. Those dresses are the anchor for your closet. They set a tone. People will automatically start to think the other, more affordable pieces you wear are also investment pieces. Designer by association! That’s what we all want right? Not to look cheap? I’ll answer that for you. Yes, it is.

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17 thoughts on “A Dress A Day: Vacation Dress (Day 16)

  1. HOLY CRAP! You look amazing, Jenna!! I looooove the watercolor dress, and you are “wearing the f*ck out of it”, as Matt would say. Seriously, it fits you like a glove and you look so classy!!
    Fondly, Emily | http://fondlyemily.co/

  2. girl, you already know i’m obsessing over this dress (i about swooned when i saw it on your insta). i think i need it in my life. serious heart eyes over here! the photos are also stunning, by the way. i love all the colors!

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