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How to Decorate a Cozy Home

how to decorate a cozy home by Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

Plaid Pajamas | Over the Knee Socks | Knit Throw Blanket | Burgundy Pom Pillow | Fur Pillow | Faux Shearling Pillow | Fairy Lights

If there’s anything I’ve learned from moving to the Midwest, it’s that having a cozy home is important. Maybe it’s not the move. Maybe it’s just wanting to have a cute home! There’s nothing like snuggling up on the couch and being so comfortable that you could fall asleep right there. With winter in full force, there is no better time to spend a little time focusing on where you’ll be spending a little more time the next few months: indoors! Here are my tips for how to decorate a cozy home!

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How to Style a Bar Cart

tips on how to style an affordable bar cart

Bar carts are currently on sale at Target!

When I shared my tips on how to style a bookshelf, I had an overwhelming amount of requests for more home decor tips! Since we live in an apartment, styling these little spaces is so important to making your home functional. After a year of living in Chicago, I finally put together our bar cart. Here’s the final product!

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