Friday Five: 5 Cute Hair Accessories

5 cute hair accessories for spring - visions of vogue hairstyle ideas

Gold Barrette | Pink Peplum Top | Similar Boyfriend Jeans

What do you do when you’re bored of wearing your hair the same exact way every day? Especially to work? Grab some cute hair accessories and have fun with them. Here are my 5 favorite options that are professional enough for the office but also cute for the weekend.Read More

How to Protect Your Hair in Cold Weather

black instasculpt florence skinny jeans from dl1961

Hair and skin are one of the first things to get out of whack (at least for me) when winter hits. It’s a season long struggle of trying to just maintain, let alone improve! Two weeks ago I shared my secrets to keeping your skin hydrated during these drier months. Today, I’m writing a similar post about hair!

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How to Use Dry Shampoo

tips for using dry shampoo

As someone who is a fan of 4-day-old-hair, dry shampoo is an essential in my beauty arsenal. That said, I’ve heard a ton of questions lately about how to achieve the perfect “lived in” look. So, here are my tips on how to use dry shampoo.

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