8 Spring Beauty Trends to Try Now

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While Mother Nature might be playing games with us here in the Midwest, spring is slowly starting to arrive. I’ve shared some favorite spring outfits here on Visions of Vogue but let’s talk beauty. What are the spring beauty trends to try this year? 

When I first started writing this post, the first place I went was Nordstrom. I love browsing their beauty section and was so excited when they added a natural beauty section which I wrote about in this post. I find the Nordstrom website so easy to shop and the articles in each section relevant and realistic. It’s one of the only websites I can say that about!  

1. Spring Beauty Trends: Facial Mist.

I’ve been seeing this one pop up a lot lately and I’m thoroughly intrigued. Facial mists are great for setting your makeup, sealing your look, and also keeping your skin hydrated. Once thought to be a crucial element for airplane travel, facial mists are now a must every day of the year. If you’re looking for a safer product, try this one from Herbivore (I love all their packaging)! It’s only $16 too. I’ll be adding this to my skincare routine so stay tuned for results! 

2. Spring Beauty Trends: Lip Gloss.

With the dullness of winter out of the way, spring and summer are all about shine. What’s the easiest way to do that? A good lip gloss. There is nothing prettier than a subtle pink or nude lip gloss. Pair it with a barely there makeup look and put some on for a little extra color on your way to the pool. Added bonus: they keep your lips extra hydrated. I rounded up a few of my favorite colors but lip gloss is like nail polish: you can never have too many! 

3. Spring Beauty Trends: Highlighter. 

Along the lines of gloss, highlighter is another product that packs some serious shimmer. Even if your skin is struggling to get back to normal, highlighter is the secret to faking it til you make it. It’s not just for weekends either. You can apply it subtly for work too. The best in the highlighter game is Becca IMO and Nordstrom just got their full line! For more tips, read this post on how to get glowing skin. Another, more subtle, favorite of mine is this magic luminizer by RMS Beauty. 

4. Spring Beauty Trends: At Home Tools.

This trend is something you guys know I’ve been dabbling with at home. Skincare tools you can use at home are on the rise. And why not? They’re way more affordable than seeking professional help and you can use them in the comfort of your own home. My personal favorite is the jade roller as you know from this review on what it did for my skin. Other popular items include this face uplifter and microneedling device. 

5. Spring Beauty Trends: Lip to Cheek Color.

I think this concept is one of the coolest and most efficient beauty trends that I’ve seen lately. Two products in one is a dream come true for anyone who wants to simplify their routine or save time getting ready. I love the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek because it comes in so many great shades for spring. You can go bold or more neutral. I shared more details and color recommendations in this post! 

I really wanted to do a bold lip as a separate trend for this post but that felt a little basic and boring. Every season has a trending bold lip. The colors might change, but bold lips are always in. So consider this my 2-in-1 trend, just like the Lip2Cheek! 

6. Spring Beauty Trends: SPF.

As a skincare junkie, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the number of questions I’m getting about products with SPF in them right now! I love it! I think we all know why sunscreen is a must. I look at it like this. Protecting my skin from the sun upfront saves me time, effort, and money trying to erase the effects of sun exposure. Try a good sunscreen or a tinted moisturizer if you need a little more coverage. If you’re looking for a safer brand, try Coola.

If you’re keen to get rid of pale skin, try a self tanner. While I haven’t found a completely natural sunless tanner, I love the St. Tropez mousse. The mitt is a must too and it’s incredibly affordable. I’ve never had any trouble with streaking and the color is gorgeous. Would 100% recommend their products! I first started out with a sample set to try a bunch of their products at once. 

7. Spring Beauty Trends: Exfoliating. 

Exfoliating is one of the most underrated or completely forgotten beauty trends in my opinion. I cannot tell you how much exfoliating makes a difference in how good your skin looks. Even when I go a few days without exfoliating, I notice how dull my skin starts to look (both on my face and my body). I recently tried this Herbivore body polish and love the consistency of the product. If you’re looking to sample (and save) try this set! 

8. Spring Beauty Trends: Nail Polish.

Now is the time to be a little more daring with your color! I originally hadn’t intended to add nail polish to this post but I got SO excited to find a bunch of brands at Nordstrom that carry five-free, seven-free, and eight-free nail polishes. If you don’t know what that means, it’s basically that the brand does not use five, seven, or eight of the most toxic ingredients in nail polish (which is generally a pretty toxic product if the fumes at a nail salon didn’t give that away). I actually just purchased three shades by Smith & Cult with won an award this year for the best all around nail polish! Deborah Lippmann (these pastels) and butter LONDON (dying for their Pantone set) are also brands that don’t use the most toxic chemicals.

What Spring Beauty trends have you seen that you’re looking to try? Any beauty tips you swear by? 

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