Best Natural Beauty Products at Nordstrom

best natural beauty products at Nordstrom

White Top (under $50!) | Boyfriend Jeans | Threader Earrings | Lip and Cheek Color in ‘Smile’ | Concealer in ’22’ | Tinted Un-Powder in ‘2-3’

We all love Nordstrom. For whatever our favorite reason(s) is, Nordstrom is just at the top of everyone’s list. As I’ve started talking about the best natural beauty products, I’ve heard so many of you express frustration with how difficult it is to get access to some of the safer options. Guess what! Nordstrom now has an entire section dedicated to wellness and here are the best products that you need to try! 

If you’re new to natural beauty products, catch up on why the ingredients in your products matter here. I can tell you what toxic ingredients do to you (and I do weekly in this series) but ultimately switching to safer products is a decision for you! Whenever you’re ready. It’s a journey, not an overnight thing. I’ve been finding more natural beauty products for years – always trying to find ones that work just as good as the more toxic products. I haven’t found a safer alternative to every single thing but I’ve found a whole bunch that are amazing. So what are they?

RMS Beauty.

Let’s start with a new brand that I’m obsessing over: RMS Beauty. As you probably know, finding natural beauty products is about finding a natural beauty brand. It’s easiest (and most convenient for you) to find brands that are natural because you know you can always trust their products. RMS Beauty is one of those brands. I think I’ve tried five products so far and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with all of them. That’s huge. Here are the 3 must haves:

1. RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up.

Dark circles and blemishes are a problem for every woman I know. Seriously. I read somewhere recently that layering on the concealer often makes you look even older. Um, no thank you. It’s not that this news was groundbreaking because I honestly noticed this on my own face when I would layer and layer my concealer (and it still didn’t cover up how dark my circles are by the way). It was just that someone else put it so simply that it really made me think I needed to change my approach. Time already isn’t on our side, don’t help it along!

So, I started using the RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up. It’s a creamy consistency and incredibly easy to apply with your finger tips. So easy. You can work it into any area and it’s multi purpose. I’ve used it for dark circles, to tone down the redness in my nose, and to cover up acne (or the scars that linger behind.) My favorite part is that it doesn’t find its way into your fine lines and wrinkles by 3PM. It comes in a little pot so you can take it on the go if you find yourself needing a touch up. It has 100% made my life better and saves me from finding a mirror to make sure my face is in place every hour.

So how does it compare to a Tarte Tape Shape or a Mac Concealer? Honestly, it’s not quite as good but it’s WAY better for you and it comes pretty darn close. Even if the RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up worked half as good as it does, I’d still pick it 10 times out of 10 over either of those (more toxic) products. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for Tape Shape (formal events) but wearing them daily isn’t it. You want the Un-Cover Up for that. For reference, I’m shade 22.

2. Lip2Cheek Color


I have to admit I was extremely skeptical of this product. 2 in 1 products rarely work well. Think of Pert 2in1 Shampoo. No girl wants to put that on her hair because it just doesn’t do a good job. But I think this Lip2Cheek Color is one of the coolest products out there. So much so that I got 2 more colors this weekend.

So what is a Lip2Cheek Color? It’s pretty much what you would guess. It also comes in a pot and you can use the color on both your lips and your cheeks. If you’re never used a cream blush before, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of! You can dab a little bit of color on and then rub it in a circular motion right where you would normally brush on your blush. I’d start with less because you can build the color quite easily. If you accidentally put on too much, grab your foundation and tone it down around the edges. Simple as that!

I started with the color Simple which is what you saw me use on Instagram Stories this morning. It’s a really beautiful color for spring – like a coral red. If you like neutrals, try Paradise. If you like pinks, get Demure. I tried both in store this past weekend and they were more subtle but still offered some gorgeous pigment.

3. Tinted Un-Powder.


Where are all my OG bareMinerals girls? This product was made for you (and anyone that likes a slightly more matte finish on their face). I think the powder puff applicator is genius and I love that it minimizes shine while still reflecting light. That means your skin looks incredibly natural. No caked on foundation look and no oil. Just a really pretty finish. If you’re not into pigmented powder, there is also a translucent one!

This product was also a game changer for setting the concealer under my eyes. It works incredibly well with the Un-Cover Up and I would recommend purchasing the 2 together. And then of course, the Lip2Cheek for a pop of color!

4. Other RMS Beauty Products I’m Loving. 

I’m also currently using the RMS Beauty lip balm. It smells so delicious and it was good enough to make my list of the best natural lip balms last week! I keep it in my makeup bag and apply it before the Lip2Cheek color to keep my lips moisturized. This luminizer set is also so good at giving you a shimmery, highlight on your face. I love sets like this because it’s an added way to save versus having to buy all the products individually. Plus, there is a limited edition gold shade which looks so good on and it comes with a brush! I also just ordered this eye polish in the shade Myth because it is supposed to really help with toning down red or mauve undertones in your eyelids (which I have). I’m dying to try their beauty oil and their lipsticks next as well.

Other Must Have Natural Beauty Brands. 

If you’re looking for more brands that tend toward safer ingredients, there are more! I also found that 3 of them are currently offering collections for a limited time. Collections are my favorite way to sample new brands at a reasonable price. You can try a bunch of things at one time and you don’t get stuck with full sized products if you’re not loving something.

The first is this Tata Harper Daily Essentials set. Tata Harper does everything well. The fact that you get to sample 7 of their products for under $100 is some kind of beauty miracle! Everything is paraben, phthalate and sulfate free too!

Second, grab this Herbivore Botanicals set. I’d buy this for the packaging alone! It’s so pretty! With spring here, there’s nothing your skin needs more than a little polish and hydration as well! Their coconut body oil polish is a staple in my bathroom – it really gets rid of all the dead skin on your body and it’s only $36! If you use bars of soap in your routine (I do to shave my legs!), try this pink clay soap. You can see all Herbivore Botanicals products here.

Lastly, Kopari is another great beauty brand to try with a focus on safer products. This Kopari Slip into Summer set includes their coconut melt which I tried during the last Sephora VIB sale and love! Their deodorant is next up on my list so I can see where it ranks on my list of the best natural deodorants.

Do you have any favorite natural beauty products at Nordstrom? Or any favorite Nordstrom beauty finds in general? Share them below!

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