Jade Rolling 101: Do you Need a Jade Roller?

jade rolling 101: jade roller review by chicago beauty blogger Visions of Vogue

Jade Roller | Face Oil

After a month (or more?) of anticipation, I’m finally ready to share my jade roller review! If you’ve missed my bedtime Instagram Stories that include some weird looking green tool that I appear to be using on my face, this is it! I’m dishing on what jade rolling is, what jade rollers do, and if you need to get one for yourself.

What is Jade Rolling?

Jade rolling dates back centuries to ancient Chinese history. Jade is a semi-precious stone used for healing in traditional Chinese medicine. It also happens to be a sign of power and immortality which is why it’s so prominent if you’ve ever traveled anywhere in Asia.

A jade roller is that tool you’ve seen me using. They are usually two sided hand held devices and they come in various shapes. You can get them from almost anywhere but before purchasing one, I was warned that many of them aren’t real jade. You want to make sure it is authentic or else you don’t get the benefits of jade!

What does a Jade Roller Do?

It is supposed to do a lot. The list of effects are quite lengthy and everyone seems to have a different answer. Some sites even go so far as to say that jade rolling decreases the appearance of dark circles. After a month of jade rolling my heart out, here’s a short list that I agree with:

  • Increases circulation in your face
  • Decreases puffiness (which increases the definition of your jawline, cheekbones, and brows)
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Detoxes
  • Evens out complexion

How to Use a Jade Roller.

I use my jade roller at the end of my skincare routine. That means face wash, toner, eye cream, serum, and a mix of face lotion + face oil come first. After that, I use the jade roller to press these products into my skin. That helps them yield the best results.

In terms of the motion you should be making, roll outward from the center of your face. Don’t go back and forth, only roll outward. Someone else explained that lymphatic draining should be done in the shape of a Christmas tree. This graphic was included with my jade roller and I think it explains it pretty well. I do my face in one section and my eyes in another.

how to use a jade roller - jade rolling 101 by popular Chicago beauty blogger Visions of Vogue

Will I keep Using It?

That’s the big question. Yes. While I didn’t notice drastic results visually, I loved how my skin felt. Both while I was using the jade roller and after I was done. I’d like to think my skin was already in damn good shape thanks to my religious approach to this skincare routine. I found it extremely calming and therapeutic to jade roll every night. I didn’t stress about it if I missed a night but generally, I’ve used my jade face roller nightly.

Who would I recommend it to? Anyone who struggles with a puffy face. Whether you wake up with puffy skin or it’s just that way throughout the day, get yourself a jade roller. I am lucky enough to not struggle with puffy skin but noticed a difference around my eyes. Even though my dark circles are still there (thank god for this concealer), the skin around my eyes feels stronger yet still soft. I’d also recommend it for anyone that loves skincare, enjoys beauty tools, has a stressful job, or appreciates a good nightly regimen.

Have you heard of jade rolling? Do you have a jade roller or are you thinking about getting one?

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  1. I have one but didn’t have the info on how to properly use on your face in terms of motion.

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