Friday Five: 5 Cute Hair Accessories

5 cute hair accessories for spring - visions of vogue hairstyle ideas

Gold Barrette | Pink Peplum Top | Similar Boyfriend Jeans

What do you do when you’re bored of wearing your hair the same exact way every day? Especially to work? Grab some cute hair accessories and have fun with them. Here are my 5 favorite options that are professional enough for the office but also cute for the weekend.

I got this question on Instagram a few weeks ago and I thought it was such a fun idea for a post that I made it into one! I’m guilty of wearing my hair the exact same way day after day. To be honest, it usually makes its way into a bun with these Invisibobble hair ties by 10AM. I love them so much that I considered adding them to this list of 5 cute hair accessories but I didn’t feel like a messy bun was chic enough for most offices. If you don’t own a pair, get them. They’re one of my secrets to growing long healthy hair!

1. Barrettes.

Barrettes sometimes make me think of kindergarten. However, if done right, they can be a really chic piece. Not only that but you can put them in your hair in under a minute. I found quite a few different options including this gold circle barrette. I also found an opal one and an eye shaped barrette. Gather just a little bit of hair in front and pull it back into the clip!

2. Hair Clip.

For the girl that loves to put her hair up off her neck quickly, the hair clip is the ultimate hair accessories. While they make me think of the ones my mom used to wear, I found quite a few cute options – even one that is geometry shaped! My personal favorite is this $12 opal one shaped like a shell.

3. Ponytail Holder.

The ponytail holder is one of the easiest styles to rock. A sleek ponytail can mean all business if done right. I personally love the idea of this gold cuff or this tortoise cuff. The plus side is that we are all so used to putting ponytail holders in our hair that this is an easy one to pick up!

4. Headband. 

It’s really easy to look like you’re 5 years old in a headband. Really easy. However, I found this simple gold headband that is professional yet fun. While I’d love to be able to rock a headscarf to work, it just feels like a bit much.

5. Bun.

A bun can be a hard thing to master. I found 2 different types of hair pieces that will help you make the perfect one. If you have longer hair, try these bun twists. They actually stay all day long. If you’re more of a bobby pin girl, try these bobby pins embellished with pearls. They will tuck in all your ends while still looking stylish.

Do you have a favorite one of these cute hair accessories? Or do you have a way that you wear your hair to mix things up? Share with us below!

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