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Written by Matt…

Each holiday season everyone writes a “Gift Guide for Men.” I’ll save you some time and tell you what each one has: A watch, cologne, a scarf, toiletry bag, socks, shave kit, headphones and one overpriced item that you’d never even consider. Was I close? Buying any of these items is the best way to tell the guy in your life that you put limited thought and effort into your holiday shopping.

Now you’re probably questioning every gift purchase you’ve ever made and thinking “well my guy has everything” and “he’s so hard to buy for.” That’s where I come in. This isn’t your generic gift guide.  I’m going to give you 10 unique gift ideas to woo your man this holiday season, because it’s the thought that matters. 

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1. Desktop Punching Bag: We’ve all had those days were we’ve walked out of a meeting and wanted to deliver a super-kick to our co-workers chin.  Since workplace violence is frowned upon, this desktop punching bag is a fun addition to any cubicle and is much more effective than a stress ball.

2. What Do You Meme?: Jenna and I use our Instagram accounts a little differently. While hers needs no explanation, I on the other hand spend a majority of time searching for memes to pass along to my buddies.  This game gives you the opportunity to pair quotes with some of your favorite visuals.  Think “Cards of Humanity” on steroids.

3. Beard King: Keeping up with facial and manscaping duties is often a pain. However it’s not the trimming that’s a nuisance, it’s the clean-up. If this looks familiar it’s probably because you saw it on Shark Tank a few years back and laughed. But since that day you’ve probably come across a few too many stray hairs lingering in the bathroom, which makes any price tag on this absolutely worth it.

4. BBQ Branding Iron: This is definitely a gift that makes for a fun Sunday BBQ. Think of the endless possibilities, specifically vulgar and obscene, that you could have using a customizable branding iron. I think I need one myself.

5. Beer Cap State: Getting someone décor as a gift is always tricky, but this makes a great addition for any bar area. Show off your state pride while accessorizing with bottle caps from your favorite beers.

6. Hot Sauce Kit: Everyone loves hot sauce, but sometimes finding the perfect hot sauce can be difficult. This hot sauce kit allows for you to create your own sauce with your own preferences; hotter, mild, sweet, garlicy, etc. The pack allows for 7 different bottles to be made!

7. Baseball Bat Bottle Opener: I received this several years ago from my sister in law and its right up there with my Sega Genesis from Christmas 1993 as most memorable gifts of all time. You’re probably telling yourself it’s a ridiculous amount of money to spend on something so small, so welcome to the mindset of every man who has purchased any sort of jewelry over the years.  This bottle opener is such a fun addition to your bar and is always a conversation starter. It’s also authenticated by Major League Baseball, which will give you the opportunity to go onto their site and find out whose player’s bat this was and which date it was used. It’s like a gift within a gift. If your guy is any type of baseball fan, this gift is a home run.

8. Nintendo Classic Edition: Yes, this is indeed a 21st century update of the original Nintendo, pre-loaded with dozens of the memorable games, which means you don’t even need to blow into the games to get them to work!  This is every man’s childhood, reincarnated. Grab them now as these have just come back into stock after being impossible to find for the past 12 months. The nostalgia effect is real with this.

9. Phone Sanitizer: Phones are an absolute Petri dish for bacteria and filth. They pick up grime from airplanes, office desk, gym equipment, and bathrooms (don’t act like you don’t do your best Instagram browsing while on the toilet). You can’t exactly bring your phone in the shower with you to keep minty fresh, so this little gadget does the work for you.

10. Bottleloft: Is all the beer being stored in your fridge taking up room you’d rather utilize for kale and avocados? Well then, this is just as much a gift for yourself as your man! The Bottleloft can be easily installed in any refrigerator to maximize space, buy hoisting beers to the roof as opposed to occupying precious real estate. Don’t worry, this is the last beer related gift.

5 thoughts on “Gift Guide for Him

  1. Best gift guide ever!! Love that Matt completed it and love how unique the gifts are. Y’all should do this every year.

  2. Such an amazing gift guide! So enjoy a male perspective and just love how unique and fun these ideas are!

  3. This was a fun post to read. I am definitely going to pick some of these up for the special men in my life! Great job being unique and clever.

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