Best of Beautycounter

As y’all know, my love of Beautycounter products is strong. Safe beauty products that also work? It’s almost too good to be true. But it isn't.If you’re wondering what I mean by “safe beauty”, read this post on why you need to be reading the ingredients in your beauty products. For me, there is nothing more important than my health. One aspect your health is being aware of the toxins and chemicals that I'm putting on your body daily. I’ve rounded up my favorite skincare and makeup products and why each one makes my “best of” list. Truthfully, Beautycounter is the only US based company you can trust 100% of the time. So keep reading!

Who this list is for: the safe beauty lover, the mom or mom-to-be, anyone who’s ever had a weird reaction to a beauty product, the lover of more natural makeup, and anyone who’s ever dealt with hormonal issues and birth defects (so many chemicals in beauty products contribute to this). 

Who this list isn’t for: the girl who wants a very bold, high coverage face of makeup. 

Body Oilbeautycounter body oil

This rosemary and citrus body oil is the only product that kept my legs from looking ashy and covered in red splotches. I should say, it revived them! After moving to Chicago last year, I needed some intense moisturizer and this body oil combined with a body lotion or body butter is key. I double (or triple) up in winter and scale back to one pump in summer. It also doesn't leave your skin overly oily! Definitely a must have year round to keep that glow.

Lip Sheerbeautycounter lip sheer

This creamy moisturizing Lip Sheer is an Allure Best of Beauty winner. It’s sheer but the color layers really well. You also aren’t left with awkward lines or clumps when it wears off like with some liquid lips. As easy to reapply as chapstick but with a little more glam. A great option for everyone but specifically the girl wanting a fab nude, to experiment with color, or the career woman going to work. I just picked up the Holiday Set because I needed every color. 

Face Oilbeautycounter face oil for better skin

If there was one product that single-handedly makes the most improvements in your skin, it’s this face oil. From moisturizing, to regulating oily skin, to reducing signs of aging this is truly a miracle product. Beautycounter has 3 different face oils: brightening (No. 1), plumping (No. 2), and balancing (No. 3). I use No. 1 and No 3 daily. Read this post for why you should be using face oil and why you (yes, you!) need to be using it. 

Travel Cosmetics Bagbeautycounter white cosmetics bag

I’ve had this cosmetics bag since 2013 (yes mine is 4 years old!) and use it for my makeup daily. It travels well, it fits everything (and then some), and there’s a canvas coated lining that makes it easy to wipe down. Plus, the white is ultra classy. There are also 2 other sizes: a brush bag and a smaller cosmetics bag.

Blush Duobeautycounter blush duo

I’m all about this blush duo in Flamingo/Apricot. Flamingo is perfect for a bold pop of color on a night out. Use Apricot when you want a more subtle look. Mix both for something in between. I love that each duo has 2 shades in one so it’s efficient for your 5-minute morning makeup routine. The other 2 color combos are significantly more subtle as a heads up!

Sugar Body Scrubbeautycounter glow sugar body scrub to exfoliate

By far one of my must haves body products. I use this sugar body scrub once a week to make sure your putting your best skin forward. It smells amazing and will give you a little escape in the shower, making you feel like you’re at a spa. My mother (who uses no beauty products) constantly asks me for more of this it's that good. It's a must have year round!

Moisturizing Foundationbeautycounter moisturizing foundation

This moisturizing foundation has actually improved my skin. It’s like skincare in makeup. While the coverage is lighter, it’s the best thing you can do for your skin to give it a break from toxic chemicals. Wear this to work and you’ll see a difference within 2 weeks. It’s also moisturizing which is so crucial for winter. You can rub in with your hands or a kabuki brush!

Concealer Penbeautycounter concealer pen

How this concealer pen works is the best part about it. It’s literally as easy as clicking the tip. While the coverage is still on the lighter side, it conceals my dark circles as good as any other product (nothing has concealed them 100%) and you can rest assured there won’t be any caked on residue around your eye. Which also means, it won’t collect in your creases during the day making you look older. 

Makeup Removerbeautycounter makeup remover

I used to use a makeup remover with carcinogens in it. It's scary but this is so common in makeup removers but I couldn’t find anything “safe” that actually removed makeup. Once I found Vanishing Act Makeup Remover, I never looked back. This product has no mineral oil, no silicones, and is safe enough to use on your whole face. I use this before my face wash so I don't stain my washcloths!

Face Lotionbeautycounter face lotion and moisturizer

I’ve searched high and low for a moisturizer that I actually like. Most of them are nothing to write home about. Until Countermatch. This moisturizing lotion literally adapts to your skin which means that it’s great for all skin types. Especially combination (oily and dry) skin. It’s lightweight enough to use under your makeup in the morning. Add a drop or two of face oil to it at night for an extra moisture boost. There's now an entire Countermatch collection too! 

Face Maskbeautycounter plumping face mask

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how much of an impact a face mask has on your skin. For those days when you need a little pick me up, want to pamper yourself, or have 10 minutes to spare, use this Plumping Face Mask. The packaging is so pretty too. There is also a Brightening and a Balancing mask depending on what your skincare needs are (I alternate between all 3).

Face Cleanserbeautycounter face wash and cleanser

A cleanser gentle enough to use on your eyes? Heck yes. This creamy face wash won’t suds like a regular cleaner (those chemicals that cause sudsing usually cause dermatitis) but it’s so gentle which is great for sensitive skin. Use it in your hands, in a washcloth, or with a Clarisonic. A little bit goes a long way too so this should last you at least 4 months.

Hair SerumBeautycounter Hair Split End Serum

I took this split end serum and the hair oil on our vacation this summer as my only hair care products. My pretty damaged locks came back feeling better than ever (it’s usually the opposite with hotel products that are often lacking). My hair has honestly never felt better. I also use this shampoo and conditioner at home and just got Matt hooked on it!

Volumizing Mascarabest volumizing mascara

Mascara is a very personal thing. Whether it’s the formula or brush, a girl loves what she loves. I held out on switching to Beautycounter until I found the Volumizing Mascara. I still love the brush from my previous mascara so I use that brush with this formula. I’ve found it builds will, volumizes but doesn’t get too clumpy, and can easily be removed. 

Hair Oilbeautycounter hair oil with argan and moroccan oil

If you haven’t noticed, oils are an essential beauty product in my book. Your hair is no different. This hair oil is one of most beautiful products that actually improves the health of your hair (without just sitting on top like Argan or Moroccan oil). It also comes in a travel size container already which means you don’t have to worry about sacrificing hair health on vacation.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or a DM on Instagram! I love talking beauty tips with you guys!