5 Reasons Why Your Man Should Play Fortnite (the Video Game)

why you should let your man play fortnite

After spending half our anniversary dinner talking about Fortnite (the video game that’s taking over every man’s life right now), Matt pleaded with me to let him write this post. The hope being that women everywhere will let their significant other spend hours and hours on the couch playing with their friends, headphones and all. Here are 5 reasons you should let your man play Fortnite… from a guy’s perspective.Read More

How to Deal with Toxic Coworkers

grey topshop dress with black over the knee boots and a celine trapeze bag

Similar Grey Dress | Black Over the Knee Boots | Similar Bag | Black Sunglasses | Red Lipstick

As you know, I still have a full time job in finance. Since I started sharing more on Instagram, I’ve gotten more and more questions about professional careers (you can see all my posts here). And, I love it! One of the questions I got recently was how to deal with toxic coworkers. I told Matt about my plan to write about it and he said he could do a better job. So, here goes!Read More

Gift Guide for Him

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Written by Matt…

Each holiday season everyone writes a “Gift Guide for Men.” I’ll save you some time and tell you what each one has: A watch, cologne, a scarf, toiletry bag, socks, shave kit, headphones and one overpriced item that you’d never even consider. Was I close? Buying any of these items is the best way to tell the guy in your life that you put limited thought and effort into your holiday shopping.

Now you’re probably questioning every gift purchase you’ve ever made and thinking “well my guy has everything” and “he’s so hard to buy for.” That’s where I come in. This isn’t your generic gift guide.  I’m going to give you 10 unique gift ideas to woo your man this holiday season, because it’s the thought that matters. 

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10 Hottest Fall Fashion Trends (From His Perspective)

black oversized blazer with gold buttons - menswear from nordstrom

Blazer Blazer with Gold Buttons | $28 White Tunic | High Waisted Skinny Jeans (33% off!! size down one size!) | Classic Black Work Pumps | Gold Pearl Necklace | Striped Kate Spade Watch

As women, we are constantly talking about fashion trends (and trying to stay on top of them). We drool over runway looks at NYFW (however impractical they may be), we wonder where she got that cute moto jacket from, and ask what she’s wearing. But what I wanted to know is, what do guys think of all of these trends? So, I asked Matt. Here’s what he had to say about the 10 hottest fall fashion trends.

And trust me, even I was surprised at what he had to say.

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