15 Things You Need from Amazon Now

15 things you need from amazon now

If your life revolves around what’s on Prime as much as ours, here are 15 things you need from Amazon now. After getting this request a few times, I figured I’d share the things that have made my life easier or better. From beauty products to electronics, I’ve got you covered on the best things to buy on amazon!

1. Protein Powder. 

This protein powder is my go to for breakfast at least 3 times a week. You would never know it’s vegan and it manages to pack a bunch of protein into 2 scoops while keeping the calories relatively low. For any girl who’s ever made herself a protein shake, you know what a rarity this is! I get the creamy fudge flavor and blend it with a frozen banana and almond butter or this PB Fit.

2. PB Fit. 

If you’ve ever sat in front of the TV watching an episode of Sex and the City eating a jar of peanut butter, you need this peanut butter powder in your life. It’s only 50 calories per scoop and does an incredible job of replicating the flavor of peanut butter. I use it in my protein shakes to add a little extra flavor.

3. Cotton Face Wipes.

These cotton face wipes have completely changed my nightly skincare routine. They’re way easier to deal with than the tiny circle rounds and they’re incredibly soft. I can get my entire face of makeup off with one wipe using this makeup remover. It keeps my washcloths white.

4. Glass Nail Files.

I’ve had these glass nail files for years. Guess what, they’re still working! They are substantially better than the usual emory boards because they never dull and they offer more precision. Plus, they don’t wear down so you aren’t ashamed to pull it out of your purse after a few uses. One word of caution, don’t drop it on the floor from high up as they are made of glass and may shatter. I’ve only had this happen once though and I’ve dropped them a few times! Totally worth it.

5. Popsocket.

Both Matt and I live and die by our popsockets. What is better than having complete control over your phone? Plus, you can have it delivered before Friday! I love this rose gold bejeweled popsocket but Amazon has a million different ones depending on your preferences.

6. Converter.

Since I’m a travel junkie, this international converter has saved our lives more than once. It’s colorful trendy packaging is nothing compared to how convenient it is. You can plug into every outlet your heart desires!

7. Rose Gold Mouse Pad.

I love this rose gold mouse pad to death. I use it every single day. It’s way prettier than those ugly mouse pads you see in office buildings and it works really well with the Apple mouse. Matt actually got this for me as a gift and I don’t even remember life without it.

8. Massager.

If you’ve ever asked the man in your life to massage you and he has begrudgingly done so, get this massager. Trust me. You will be doing yourself (and your guy) a favor. Matt purchased this for me as a not so subtle hint that he didn’t want to have to massage me anymore. Turns out, it’s better than he would do anyway!

9. Invisibobble Hair Ties.

These hair ties are magic. They protect your hair, come in a million colors, and hold hairstyles for every kind of hair imaginable. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, these will work for you!

10. Roomba.

Okay so this is a knock off Roomba and it’s called the ILIFE. It makes vacuuming way more pleasant. I turn it on in the morning as I start getting ready and it cleans the floor by the time I get home. It will go onto area rugs too!

11. iHome.

I don’t even know all the functions of this clock but I don’t care because I love it. It holds an Amazon Echo Dot inside of it, has various brightness settings, and can charge your iPhone. Plus, it looks cute.

12. Hotpop.

If you like eating popcorn, you need this contraption called a Hotpop in your life. It makes eating healthy popcorn incredibly easy. I’ve heard horror stories about the popcorn that comes prepackaged in bags because of the carcinogens and I’m not about to pop it on the stove top. This is literally so easy a child could use it!

13. Jewelry Organizer.

If your necklaces are always getting tangled or your jewelry tree is overflowing, you need this plastic jewelry organizer. I have 3 of them and store them under my dresser so they are out of sight. They are great for all of your dainty pieces that tend to get tangled if stored any other way.

14. Essential Oil Diffuser.

We use this essential oil diffuser every single day. I love the white marble design and that it’s under $50. It holds a pretty decent amount of water and essential oils too so it lasts over 6 hours. I am writing a post on essential oils soon so stay tuned for more on this (but buy this in the meantime).

15. Body Wash.

Have you ever wanted more from your body wash? This tea tree oil body wash fights body odor, dry skin, rashes, and makes you smell good at the same time. It doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals either!

Do you have any favorite products that are must haves from Amazon? Share them below!

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