How to Wear All Black

how to wear all black

Faux Leather Moto Jacket | $28 Black Tunic | Black Skinny Jeans | Similar Burgundy Pumps | Colorblock Crossbody Bucket Bag | $55 Black Sunglasses | Lipstick in ‘Crimson’

Whether you want to channel that chic NYC girl vibe or your workplace requires you be in an all black uniform, there’s an art to wearing all black. It’s not something that is mastered overnight. Despite how easy it sounds, it can present a few different challenges to achieve this flattering and slimming look. So let me break it down and share my tips on how to wear all black.

blank nyc faux leather moto jacket
zac posen belay colorblock bag in burgundy


I’m a huge lover of texture anyway but when it comes to black on black, incorporate texture. There is nothing worse than having blacks that don’t match. I should say “clash”. Texture is a really easy way to avoid blacks that clash. It’s clear you’re not trying to match and the different materials often make you look like you have the eye of a fashion designer. Mix denim with knits with chiffon. Have fun with it!

Each piece in my outfit today is a different texture! If I was committing to only wear black for the rest of my life, the items below would be a must have for my closet!

black dl1961 instasculpt demin jeans with burgundy photo pumps

zac posen burgundy and taupe bucket bag

Avoid items that fade. 

The biggest offender of fading is cotton. Which means that when I have items like this $19 striped tee, I almost always plan to wear them with blue jeans. There is nothing that cheapens your look more than having your blacks look like they’ve been washed 200 times with a harsh detergent. It just looks bad. And while I wish clothing companies had found the magic material to avoid this, sadly this isn’t a reality yet! One thing I will say is that these skinny jeans have held their color really well! I don’t wash them after every wear to help keep them dark but I’ve been really impressed.

all black work outfit
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Get a lint roller. 

Whether you have to wear all black to work or you just like to look super skinny, a lint roller is your best friend. It is a must do before walking out the door. Unroll the next square and get to rolling all that dust off your denim. I’ve also noted that wool coats get really fuzzy once you wear them with scarves so I constantly lint roll those too. Also, a lint roller is a must if you have a little furry animal at home!

the best faux leather moto jacket for under $100

oxblood pumps with a crossbody bag

Incorporate a pop of color. 

Whether you’re a classic black and brown kind of girl or you want to add a red pump, be bold. Even if it’s just by switching to a bolder lipstick. There’s something about a simple pop of color that immediately makes you look runway worthy. Lucky for you, every color goes with black so the options are endless.

Need a little inspiration? Here are some of my favorite statement pumps to liven up your look.

And bags!

Try different silhouettes. 

An all black uniform can get boring. So, experiment with different cuts, mixing and matching items in your closet, and testing out different silhouettes. Here are some of my favorite pieces that aren’t the basic skinny jean or crew neck knit.

Hopefully this was helpful! This was a question that came from one of my followers last week on Instagram and I thought it was such a good idea that I needed to create this guide! If you ever have any requests, shoot me an email here!

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  1. LOVE this post! Wearing all black seems so easy, but to have that super chic look, it totally takes work! Texture is my favorite tip – I LOVE mixing textures! :)

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