Friday Five: 5 Healthy Restaurants in Chicago

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It seems only fitting after a week in New York that I share my 5 favorite healthy food options here in Chicago. The Midwest is very much about “meat and potatoes” so finding a healthy alternative has been a struggle over the past year. If you’re a native to the city or planning a visit and want to grab something other than deep dish pizza, these are the 5 best places in Chicago!

Sweet Green.

While not exclusive to Chicago or even the Midwest, Sweet Green is one of my most visited eateries. If you follow me on Instagram, you know how many times I eat here during the week. They just opened a location across the street from my day job!

Sweet green is a healthy eatery that serves salads and warm bowls. It’s like the chipotle of salads/bowls. Plenty of greens, locally sourced ingredients, and fast service. They have a menu with a bunch of killer combinations on it but you can also choose to build your own if you’re up for it!

True Food Kitchen.

Another California chain that made its way to the Midwest a few months after I did! This place is really close to where we live so whenever we need to grab take out of have a casual sit down dinner, this is our go to. They serve everything from burgers to spaghetti squash to fresh juices. It’s a little taste of home that reminds me how good the food is in LA!

Real Good Juice.

Trying to venture out a little, I initially found Real Good Juice in a Whole Foods in River North. They are mainly a juice bar but have a bunch of really healthy, light bites too. It’s very casual as well. The Old Town location also has Noyo (vegan froyo) which is the sole reason why this place makes the cut. It’s amazing. Although their juices give Pressed Juicery back in LA a run for its money!


If you want the best açaí bowl in Chicago, this is your best bet. There are 2 locations here: one in River North in the lobby of a workout studio and the other is in Revival Food Hall in the Loop. Literally the best açaí bowl I’ve ever had (and that includes LA). Sometimes the wait for your food is a little long but it’s worth it. If you’re new to açaí, go with the regular bowl. If you like a nutty flavor (peanut or almond butter) go for “Pt. 2″!

Left Coast.

This place is a much needed breath of California. They have great, healthy options that are outside of the basics and are sure to make you not miss the more hearty Chicago food everywhere else. There are cold pressed juices, avocado toast, and a series of more substantial entree options with new flavor combinations that keep both meat eaters and vegans satisfied. There is a location near Lincoln Park and one that just opened in River North. There’s also an açaí bowl but I still think Graze is better!

If you’re planning to visit Chicago, here is my Chicago travel guide if you’re looking for a weekend itinerary! There are a ton of great sight seeing ideas and things to do. Plus, you can always break them up with a few meals at these delicious spots!


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