Friday Five: 5 Date Night Ideas He Really Wants To Do

Couple stealing kisses in the city of Chicago on the riverwalk.

Just because Valentine’s Day is over, doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation on dating your significant other. I constantly try to get Matt to tell me what he wants to do but rarely do I get any kind of feedback. Usually, just grunts. Therefore, I enlisted Matt to write this post about 5 date night ideas guys actually get excited about. The results were interesting. I was pleasantly surprised to see I’ve at least executed 2 of the 5, phew! Here’s what he said…

Below is the universal process map of how men and women decide what to do for their next “date.”

He suggests an activity

She suggests an activity

He and she deliberate

He and she compromise

He and she compromise to do the activity she suggested.

Now now now, you’re probably in denial right now but think back to the last 3 dates you went on. How many involved that cute new restaurant you wanted to try, the wine tasting, or the film adaptation of that cheesy book you read? The answer is D) All of the Above.

So ladies, if you’re ever struggling for a date night idea to reciprocate your appreciation for his endless tolerance, I have just the recommendations for you.

1. Distillery/brewery tour

I don’t know any man that doesn’t have an affection for whiskey or beer, or both for that matter. With their increasing popularity, there should be a multitude of options within an Uber ride away.  If you’re really trying to score points, plan for several of these in a day.  Look for the ones that feature tasting rooms and beer gardens and be prepared to consume as many flights as your liver allows.

2. A day at the track 

The track delivers benefits to both you and him. It allows the men to day drink and unleash their inner degenerate gambler. On the other hand, it provides women the opportunity to dress up while being surrounded by pretty ponies! If luck is on your side, you may even come out of the day with some extra funds. Jenna and I have made this a spring tradition, which has really helped expand her collection of BIG hats.

3. Mini golfing

If there’s one sport that doesn’t favor masculine testosterone over feminine estrogen, it’s mini golf. A game of putt putt can be played day or night, indoor or out. Plus, any guy loves an activity where he can shamelessly watch his date bend over in front of him an abundance of occasions.

4. Arcade

Think of how many hours you’ve watched your man play the same video game while seated in one unflattering position? Now imagine his excitement of being in a room with over 100 games, with the incentive of cashing in winning tickets to get you a five foot Smurf! Pin-ball, skee-ball, alco-hol, arcades literally have it ALL. (I know what I did there and it was fully intended.)

5. Gun Range

Even if you’re against the second amendment, you can see the appeal in going to a range and blowing shit up. Find me a guy that does want to emulate James Bond, Chris Kyle, John Wick (worst movie ever), or Rambo? You can’t! And if you can’t get motivated to fire a weapon, just close your eyes and envision the target is your freshman year roommate that stole half your belongings. That should help.

What is your favorite date night activity? Are you planning anything this weekend?

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  1. This cracks me up!! Sounds just like me and my boyfriend. Great post Jenna!

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