Comfortable Slip On Sneakers

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comfortable slip on sneakers from ECCO at zappos

Comfortable Slip Ons in Pink | Grey Crossbody Bag

Have you ever gotten a blister from your shoes? Quite honestly, I don’t know a girl that hasn’t. So when you find a pair of comfortable slip ons, what do you do? Tell everyone. 

When I first picked out these ECCO slip ons, I was drawn to the color. You guys know I’m into everything I can slip on my feet (like yesterday’s mules). Having accepted that pink is going to be a part of my wardrobe now, I wanted to add a few blush colored shoes. Once I put them on, I realized these ECCO shoes are the most comfortable slip ons I’ve ever tried. They didn’t give me blisters at all – even where the top of the shoe hit my Achilles heel which is rare. I’m thoroughly impressed!

If you’re wondering what else you can style blush sneakers with, try almost everything. From the basic neutral colors, to colors like olive or maroon, blush pink goes with all of the above. One of my favorite color combinations is pink and grey which is why I wore this grey crossbody bag. The fabric is so incredibly soft and it’s a great size – not too big and not too small.

If you’re new to ECCO, you can find this brand on Zappos. Zappos is one of my favorite places to shop because everything gets shipped to you so fast. It’s incredibly easy to shop too not to mention the generous return policy. I actually ordered 4 pairs of white jeans with my ECCO purchases (the ones I am wearing are one of them). I ordered a 2 different sizes and styles because of the free 365 day return policy.

Have you ever tried ECCO? Do you have a favorite pair of comfortable slip ons?

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