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So I conned Matt into another blog post. While he’s been writing a bit more here on Visions of Vogue to give you guys (myself included) a man’s perspective, getting him in front of the camera is still a struggle. But what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t push him to be better? Of course, I prefer the word “inspire” over “push”. But today, we’re twinning in some of the most comfortable fall boots I’ve ever worn.

Every husband loves twinning with his wife, right? I tried one time to get Matt to match with me and was so vehemently shut down that I learned my lesson. It was right after we got married. I bought him a “Hubby” tee with some tagline about how amazing I was. I had the matching “Wifey” tee (with no tag line). After begging him to wear it on the flight with me, he begrudgingly did. I heard about it for months, if not years, after. And I’ve never been able to get him to wear that shirt again.

A few years into our marriage, twinning happens more by chance as our tastes start to merge. In my opinion, matching shoes is a little different! To be honest, we didn’t even intend to match. We shopped separately and when we opened the box from Zappos, realized the color was very similar. I wasn’t upset!

Having just moved to Chicago last year, I’m still a newbie when it comes to boot brands. This was my first time trying Born and the first thing that I noticed was how comfortable they were. Both Matt and I walk to work here in the city and we were saying how we could easily wear these when it gets colder on the walk. We both wear Nikes on the walk and then switch to work shoes once in the office. It says a lot that these boots were on par with running shoes!

I also really love the color of our boots (mine and his). It’s a little distressed (sometimes boots are too perfect looking) and the color is in between brown and grey. The interesting color makes it easy to style with both cool tones and warm tones. You can play up the grey or brown tone more depending on what you wear. Versatility is key here in the Midwest! Both the men’s and women’s ran true to size. The calf area was plenty big to fit my muscular calves too!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Ours was pretty low key which was a welcomed break. Matt and I shot these photos on the Chicago Riverwalk yesterday. I talked a little bit about it on Instagram Stories – I don’t know why I get so excited to have him on here. He just makes shooting more fun!

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13 thoughts on “Comfortable Fall Boots

  1. I seriously love love love that he joined you for this post. You two are the cutest. It’s been great seeing even more into ya’lls lives recently! These boots are also to die for (both pairs). I’m thinking I might need them for myself and my fiancĂ©!

  2. love the color of your boots and they look so comfy! i love throwing them on over jeans in the fall, so cute!

  3. this is so funny because the other day, my husband and I were going for a walk and I came out of the house and realized we both had our NB sneakers and zipups on and in my stories I was talking about how we were twinning and he was trying to get me to change but i refused haha i love twinning!

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