Comfortable Shoes for Him and Her

*This post was sponsored by Zappos x Rockport but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Jenna Colgrove and her husband in Rockport footwear at Chicago's Riverwalk.

On me: Rockport Adelyn Ballet Flats

On him: Rockport Dressports Luxe Waterproof Chukka 

Today’s post might be one of my favorites of all time. Matt makes his first appearance on Visions of Vogue that isn’t wedding related! For those that don’t know, Matt is always behind the camera when it comes to everything you’ve seen on my blog. I am so excited to turn the lens around and bring him into the spotlight too!

For those that don’t know, I started Visions of Vogue at Matt’s suggestion and he’s been my biggest supporter ever since. He’s my yes man. For all the photos he’s taken of me, I owe him tickets to a heck of a lot of baseball games. Based on my iPhone storage, I probably owe him tickets to every athletic event for the rest of our lives too! I hope those stadiums have free wifi.

When I asked Matt to be in this post, I was a little nervous. He’s a typical Midwest guy – he likes burgers, beer, and baseball. Simple as can be. Being featured on a fashion blog isn’t exactly going to give him credibility with his friends. But, he said yes and we had so much fun – proof in the spontaneous tickle fight we broke into mid shoot.

Not only did it bring Matt out of his comfort zone (he’s usually in head to toe athletic gear), but it was new for me too. I knew it would be tough to get him out of his beloved Nike Roshes but if I had a chance it was with Rockport. I sent over a few shoes I liked and was pleasantly surprised – he liked them too! He is the self-proclaimed Zappos king so that helped my case too! Fast and free shipping? Yes please!

Matching in our Rockport shoes, we walked down the Chicago Riverwalk last weekend. I don’t think we could have picked a more comfortable shoe either. My flats make it feel like I’m walking on clouds! Literally. So much cushion. Plus, the snakeskin print matches half my wardrobe given I wear so much grey! Matt’s shoes are waterproof – how handy is that going to be when the city is covered in snow? I doubt we’ll be going for a stroll along the frozen river but it will be great for quick trips to the market!

From Matt: 

Usually when it comes to formal footwear, I deal with an internal struggle: fashion or function. I tend to favor the former.  While Jenna may disagree, I do possess a fashion forward mentality when it comes to shoes with the exception of flamboyantly colored Nikes. When it came to these Chukkas, I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t have to make a sacrifice. The soles are genuinely comfortable right out of the box.

Being on the other side of the camera for a change was quite the relief. Usually I’m snapping thousands of photos, then go home and ice my shoulder. In this case we utilized a tri-pod in order to capture stills of the both of us.  While the experience was a lot of fun, it made me wonder why Jenna hasn’t suggested this in the past. She could spend 10 hours shooting without a complaint and I could get some more time on the couch playing Xbox.

What did you think of Matt making a cameo? Do y’all want to see more posts like this?

Jenna Colgrove wearing Rockport Adelyn Snakeprint Flats and black skinny jeans.

The most comfortable shoes for both men and women.

Black patent leather waterproof boots for winter.

Couple stealing kisses in the city of Chicago on the riverwalk.

Matt Borucki of Dude's Digest wearing a black v neck sweater and Paige denim skinny jeans.

Husband and wife wearing matching shoes exploring River North.

Jenna Colgrove wearing a quilted Michael Kors green jacket, Black skinny jeans, and a grey linen scarf.

Engagement photo inspiration idea: tickle fights and laughter.

Jenna Colgrove wearing a black Henri Bendel crossbody, a hunter green coat, and in wand curls.

Black patent leather shoes for men that are comfortable.

Jenna Colgrove's fall outfit: green puffer jacket, black skinnies, snake skin flats, and a black bag.

Love in Chicago - Adelyn Flats by Rockport and Waterproof Chukkas.

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  1. Girl, I LOVE this post! Not only do you both look fabulous in your Rockport shoes, but you guys are the cutest and I love how much he supports your blog & business! Cheers to amazing husbands!

    xo, Sara

  2. I agree with Anna– love that your man is so sweet to jump in a post! Share some tips on that convincing HA!

    on another note, loving both of y’alls shoes! SO cute & comfy!!!!

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