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For as much as I love face skincare, I’d be lying to say that I didn’t neglect my body at times. That is, until I recently realized just how much of an impact it makes especially as my skin ages. Wow – it makes a huge difference. Here are the products I’ve used and love how they keep your skin healthy everywhere!

Body Wash.

best affordable body wash from amazon

I used to use the Dove body wash like it was water (aka religiously). However, I still got stuck with dry, ashy legs which aren’t cute. If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that finding safe, clean beauty products is so important (for more on that read this post). Your healthy future self will thank you. Hint: Dove isn’t a safe beauty brand. At all. 

I’ve tried a lot of body wash and most aren’t really anything to write home about. It’s just not a sexy product, you know? I’d rather spend my money elsewhere personally. So, both Matt and I use this tea tree body wash from Amazon. It’s cheap and you only need a quarter sized amount. Plus, it literally fights dry skin and BO (among other things). And it legitimately works. Every time we go on vacation and aren’t using this body wash we both notice within a day of being on the trip. It works that well. 

Just note that this bottle should last 3-4 weeks of 2 people showering almost every day. If it lasts shorter than that, you’re using too much! And it’s best applied with a loofah but I like to use a body mitt! 

Body scrub. 

beautycounter sugar body scrub

Body scrubs are a gift from the skincare gods. Don’t let them intimidate you. And they aren’t just for before a spray tan. If you’ve ever hear me talk about the importance of exfoliation for your face, the same thing applies for your body. 

Get yourself a good sugar scrub and use it once a week in the shower. It’s a really easy step that I’ve incorporated into my routine seamlessly. Do this after you wash your body (it’s the same motion so don’t let it intimidate you)! 

My favorite sugar scrub is this one which I’ve talked about a lot here on Visions of Vogue! It exfoliates and gets off all the dead dry skin. At the same time, it hydrates with the oils that are in the products so your skin doesn’t feel dry when you leave the shower. My mom buys this product in bulk and this was the only thing that saved my skin during my first Chicago winter! 

Body Oil.

beautycounter rosemary citrus body oil


Think of body oil as regular lotion times 10. It’s so good I can’t use regular body lotion anymore (at least not without mixing body oil into it). Think of things in this order (from most to least hydrating): body oil > body balm > body cream > body lotion. 

Read this post for some of my favorite body oils and body balms. This is my favorite body oil because it hydrates so well but also absorbs wonderfully. It doesn’t sit on top of my skin like this budget friendly one does. The budget friendly one is still a really good option though! And if you don’t want to settle, mix the body oil with whatever lotion you currently own. It will last longer and you will still get the benefits of body oil into your skin. 

Do you have any body skincare tips or rituals?

5 thoughts on “Body Skincare Routine

  1. How often do you use the body scrub, and how long does that tiny little body oil last you? I have really loved BC’s Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion, but I seem to run out of it quickly and question the high cost as a result.

    1. Hi Cara! I use the body scrub once a week – maybe twice a week in the winter! The body oil does go fast if you using every day all over your body (versus just the problem areas like legs). It will probably last 3 weeks if you are using 7 days a week on every inch of skin? I find the Citrus Mimosa Body Lotion to not be hydrating for my legs but the Body Butter + Body Oil mixed together work better and last longer. I also alternate between the cheaper body oil (depending on what I’m doing/wearing) that day that I talked about in my Best Body Oils post so I don’t feel as guilty going through it so fast! I try to mix it up a lot so that I’m still getting the hydration of the Rosemary Citrus Body Oil regularly – just maybe not every day! Hope that helps!

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