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A few weeks ago, I talked about body oil on Instagram and how much of a game changer it is for dry skin. It’s lotion on the next level. Once you use it, you will never go back. So what is it and what are the best body oils? 

Body oil is as much of a miracle for dry skin as face oil is. I think my love of face oil is well known by now! It’s truly the best thing you can do for your skin. If I had to pick only one skincare product that made the most impact, it would be face oil. There is a long list of benefits you can read here as well as myths (like you shouldn’t use it if you have oily skin) that just aren’t true. Trust me!

Body oil is just like face oil but for your body. During my first winter in Chicago, my skin was so dry and itchy. I would use tubs of lotion and body creams but nothing worked. Not until I started using strictly body oil. Regular lotion just didn’t cut it. I would use this body oil after my shower religiously. Once a week, I used (and still use) this exfoliating body scrub. This combination has completely saved my skin especially dry, ashy legs. I use it year round! 

Body oil works wonders for protecting your skin during winter. In the summer, it gives you a glow. Depending on what you’ve got going on that day, I have a few different recommendations but I’ll get to that in a bit. I’ve also noticed the major benefit of body oil is healthier, plumper skin. The areas where you use body oil tend to look a lot younger. I recently noticed this because I kept skipping my torso but a few weeks of body oil has turned things around! 

So what are the best body oils? I have my favorites!

Beautycounter Rosemary Citrus Body Oil.

beautycounter rosemary citrus body oil

This is the Ferrari of body oils. It’s my favorite body oil and it honestly works the best. When it comes to beauty products, I’m a firm believer that 99% of the time, you’re getting what you pay for. With this body oil, the same is true. The ingredients are clean, it absorbs so well (barely leaves any residue behind), smells incredible, and lasts longer. 

The key selling point for me is how well it absorbs. Whenever you’re getting ready for work in the morning, you don’t have hours to wait for it to soak into your skin. Every time I use this body oil, I remember why it’s the best. It just feels luxurious. 

best body oil for hydrating your skin

If you’re on a budget, you can mix this body oil with your body lotion or body butter to make it last longer. For the price point, that’s a good option because you still get the benefits of a good quality oil. You can use one pump on days when your skin is feeling moisturized. On days where it’s a little drier, use a few. You’ll get the hang of it. Just like face oil!

Advanced Clinicals Coconut Oil. 

advanced clinicals coconut body oil on amazon

This is my favorite budget friendly pick. At under $20, it’s a great option. I will often alternate between this one and the Beautycounter body oil. This coconut oil doesn’t absorb quite as well as the Beautycounter one so I try to wait as long as possible before getting dressed (especially if I’m wearing jeans). I find I need to use a bit more of it to cover the same area of skin but at a lower price point, I’m okay with it. Plus, you can get it off Amazon. 

I’ve also tried the rosehip version but I think I may be allergic to rosehip. I’d start with the coconut one first! 

Beautycounter Shimmer Body Oil.

beautycounter shimmer body oil

This shimmer body oil is an instant tan that comes with no stress application. If you have an event, a wedding, or just want a little color, this is a great way to get it. It comes out of the bottle much darker than it applies – don’t worry! You can layer it a little bit, it just gives you a shade or two of color and a hint of shimmer. It goes on really well without streaks too. The best part is that it washes off at the end of the night! I mostly use this on my arms and legs especially during summer! 

RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream. 

rms beauty coconut cream body lotion

This coconut cream isn’t really a body oil but another great body moisturizer. If you’re a little intimidated by body oil, this might be a good option for you. It’s got a solid consistency but it melts once it gets warm (once you put it on your skin). It’s a great step between a body butter and a body oil. 

Kopari Coconut Melt. 

kopari coconut melt

The coconut melt is really similar to the RMS Beauty Raw Coconut. I first bought the mini of this from the last Sephora sale. I thought the travel size came in handy so much that I now keep it on my desk at work. I used to use it for my hands but it does get a little oily so I only apply to the back of my hands. It’s slightly oilier than the RMS Beauty one but the amount of product goes a lot further. 

Coconut Oil.

If you want something similar to the RMS Beauty or Kopari Coconut melt but more cost effective, go to your local market and pick up some good old coconut oil. It’s a little messier but in a pinch, it does the trick! 

Have you used a body oil? What do you think is the best body moisturizer? 

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