15 (More) Things You Need From Amazon

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We all love Amazon. It’s convenient, it’s fast, and it has just about everything. Y’all asked for more random things I love off amazon (see here for my first post), so here they are! 

1. Exercise bands. 

I just got these exercise bands and I’m obsessed. I recently quit Pure Barre after feeling like it wasn’t making much of a difference anymore and it’s insanely expensive in the city. I’ve been following a few fitness gurus on Instagram and love incorporating these bands into my workout. Plus, it’s familiar since you use something similar in Pure Barre. And, they’re cheap!

2. Konjac Sponge.

If you read my morning skincare routine, you know how important exfoliating is and how easy. Effective exfoliators that are safe are hard to find! These konjac scrubbers are easy to hang in the shower with one of those plastic suction hooks and really affordable. They’re good for light to medium intensity exfoliation.

3. Rice rollers. 

If you need a low calorie snack, get these rollers. They’re vegan and only 100 calories in the two pack (no one ever just eats one). They’re puffed rice so the flavor is mild enough to give it to even the pickiest eaters yet they’re still delicious. Kids love them!

4. Wireless headphones. 

I use these wireless headphone every single day. They pair with any device that has Bluetooth and they’re the first pair of headphones that has lasted me more than 3 months without falling apart. I use them at the gym, on my walk to work, and when I’m traveling.

5. Hangers. 

With minimal closet space thanks to apartment living, these hangers make such a difference. Plus they are a little gentler on your clothes. Both Matt and I use them!

6. Chlorophyll drops. 

I put a few of these chlorophyll drops in my water throughout the day. If you’re new to chlorophyll, there are tons of articles out there about the benefits. It has a slight minty flavor depending on how much you use (otherwise it tastes like nothing), and I’ve gotten my coworkers hooked. Just a little something to mix it up!

7. Wet Brush Pro. 

This is the only hair brush I will use. I’ve heard that combs are better for your hair (who knows if that’s true) so I usually use a comb when my hair is wet and switch to this brush when it’s dry. Make sure you get the Wet Brush Pro – not the regular Wet Brush. The regular Wet Brush is much rougher on your hair!

8. Glass Tupperware. 

After the BPA scare and trying to make the switch to safer products (not just in skincare and makeup), I ditched our plastic tupperware. Although glass tupperware is heavier, it gives me mental peace to know chemicals aren’t being baked into our leftovers. Plus, they hold up a lot longer and don’t look as gross as plastic does after a few months of use.

9. NuBra.

I always get asked what sticky bra I use for backless tops and it’s this one. To be honest, they used to make better sticky bras back in the day. I’m convinced they make them not as sticky now so that we have to rebuy them more often. However, I’ve tried a ton of brands and NuBra always comes out on top!

10. Door organizer.

I recently got one of these door organizers to put over the door in my office and organize my extra beauty products. Even though it’s designed for shoes, it’s really helped clean up my office. If you have a lot of any item that needs organizing, try this. It helps to see everything laid out too.

11. Exercise ball. 

I use one of these exercise balls at my desk at work. As long as my mini space heater isn’t on, it works just fine. A plastic ball and space heaters don’t mix as I’m sure you can guess. This exercise ball is a great way to work your abs and get that toned core for summer. It also breaks up your work day especially when you’re sitting at a desk for 9 hours.

12. Cherries. 

If you love the occasional cocktail, grab these Luxardo cherries to up your game. If you’re throwing a party this summer, they’re a must. My favorite cocktail is Ketel One vodka and water (just plain water) with 3 of these cherries muddled in it! Sometimes they look at you oddly when you order at a bar so I don’t always ask for them to muddle it (depends on the bar/bartender), but it’s delicious and lower calorie!

13. Bamboo bag. 

Yes, this bamboo bag is a knock off of the infamous Cult Gaia bag but it’s way more affordable. If you’re not interested in spending a ton on trendy items, Amazon is a great spot to find similar items for less. They also have a wide selection of clothing (not knock offs), if you’re ready to deal with product pictures that aren’t quite as pretty as a Revolve or Nordstrom.

14. Biore pore strips. 

Yes, I still use these pore strips and so does Matt. If this isn’t a throwback to high school, I don’t know what else is. I love them for regular maintenance to clean out your pores. I’m OCD about doing this and I think it’s part of why I rarely break out (along with all the steps of my skincare routine).

15. Glass iPhone protector. 

No matter what iPhone you have, get yourself a tempered glass screen protector. It will save your life. Instead of shattering the phone’s screen, the protector will shatter. I can’t tell you how many I’ve been through (I use my phone a lot). They are so handy!

What do you love getting from Amazon? Any favorites? Comment them below!

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