Best Makeup Brushes

best makeup brushes

Good makeup brushes are almost as important as having good makeup. They can also be incredibly overwhelming since there are so many options. So here are the best makeup brushes that I’ve used. 

1. Vanish Brush or Kabuki Brush

This is the first brush I use in my morning makeup routine because foundation is the first thing I put on. I start my makeup after my morning skincare routine has had a few minutes to absorb! I’m currently using the Vanish Brush because I find the longer handle easier to use. I also like the slight triangle shape as it is easier to get the product in tricky areas like around your eyes. The Vanish foundation is also amazing for heavy coverage occasions.

I alternate between the Vanish and the Kabuki Brush every now and then. It’s kind of whatever I’m feeling. Since you guys know I mostly use the Beautycounter Tint Skin Foundation, I will say that their Retractable Brush seems to be the best fit for the foundation formula. You have to be a little more diligent about cleaning the Vanish brush out on a regular basis because product tends to stick in the hairs. I have the Retractable Brush too but it isn’t as soft on my skin so I don’t use it as much.

Kabuki brushes are generally a little faster since they have a shorter handle. I think it just depends on personal preference!

2. Blush Brush.

I think Hourglass’ brushes are some of the best brushes out there for the price point. I’ve heard amazing things about more expensive brushes like the Tom Ford bronzer brush. However, I can’t justify spending that much on a brush right now! I feel like Hourglass has luxury brushes at a mid-tier price point generally speaking. That’s why I use this blush brush with this blush duo in Flamingo/Apricot every day.

With the brush and duo, it’s easy to only pick up one of the colors on the brush. You can also tap right in the middle and get a blend of the color. Flamingo is pretty bold but Apricot is great for days where I want something a little more subtle. That being said, I love a pop of color on the cheek so if you want something completely subtle, go with the Apricot shade of the duo!

3. Eyeshadow Brush.

beautycounter ultimate nudes palette

I have 2 Hourglass brushes (here and here) and the double ended eyeshadow brush that comes with this Ultimate Nudes palette. I loved the 2 Hourglass brushes until I got this palette (which I’m obsessed with) and now I think I love that brush more. It’s softer than the other two. Since it’s so soft, the angled end is slightly harder to create definitive lines with but since my eyeshadow looks are mostly blended, this doesn’t bother me.

If you’re looking for an eyeshadow palette where you can use every single color, just get the palette! Even the pink shades are usable which was the most surprising to me (I hate the mauve undertones on my eyelids). The colors are just universally flattering and the pigment is perfect. You only need a tiny bit of product (one or two taps with your brush) which helps you look younger because you’re not caking it on!

4. Eyebrow Brush.

beautycounter face mask set for holiday gifts

Thicker eyebrows are having a moment right now. It makes such a difference in how your eyebrows look when you brush them up! Trust me! It’s a super easy fix without having to get a procedure or do regular maintenance. I don’t think the kind of brush really matters so much as that you have one. I just use the brush on the end of my Brow Pencil. I like that it’s convenient and the brow pencil works really well (I’m the color medium).

5. Powder Brush.

beautycounter powder brush

I love when I find a good brush that is also environmentally friendly! I’ve used this powder brush for so long I don’t even remember when I bought it. It’s lasted at least 2 years! It’s not as big and fluffy as some powder brushes but I like that because it gives me more control with my powder. I usually dust this translucent powder over my foundation on days where I want more of a matte look. Since it’s summer, I’ve been experimenting with using less powder to give myself more of a glow. I’ll only powder areas that tend to be a lot more oily like my nose or chin!

6. Eyelash Brush. 

If you are OCD about clumpy lashes, get an eyelash brush. I’ve been through too many and finally settled on this one from Sephora. Even if you don’t comb them daily, it’s way easier to use than trying to separate your lashes with your mascara brush. I love that this one comes with a protector for the brush too at the end. The comb side has already lasted longer than any other eyelash brush because of this feature!

What are the best makeup brushes you’ve used? What do I need to try next?

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