Second Bedroom with Havenly and Pier 1

A blush pink, grey, and gold guest bedroom design with Havenly and Pier 1.

This is one of the projects I have been most excited to share! When we first found out we were changing apartments (and moving cross-country), I knew I wanted to have a little more space. Most importantly, a place for visitors to stay that didn’t consist of sleeping on the couch. With that in mind, I set off to design a guest bedroom that could double as my office. Keep scrolling to see the results!

I’ve never been one for the color pink but lately, I’ve been drawn to it more and more. I’ll caveat that I’m still not a fan of hot pink but blush? I’m all about it. Staying true to my love of white and grey, I incorporated a few touches of pink so it didn’t come out looking exactly like my other bedroom (which I’m still obsessed with). Havenly helped me create this bohemian glam inspired room from a few Pinterest photos that I had been lusting over. My designer was Stafford (some of you have asked me before) and we worked together on our other bedroom too!

To make it a little easier to shop, I’m going to go area by area. First, let’s start with the bed! I love white bedding. Absolutely love it. It’s so crisp and clean. I wanted to mix a little color in there though so we went with these dotted sheets for a little grey (my favorite color). Having different patterned sheets makes it easier to identify which are king sized versus queen sized when they’re in the laundry or sitting in the linen closet! I’ve found that West Elm sheets are really great quality and last a long time. Not to mention these pintucked shams y’all love which have been around forever! These pink velvet pillows are also from West Elm and I love the texture. I’m thinking about ordered a few more to keep on the couch!

For a bed, I knew I wanted a headboard to save a little space. Floor plans in Chicago are a little weird so I knew I didn’t want to take up unnecessary real estate with a full bed frame. I went to Pier 1 for this gorgeous upholstered headboard. You’ll notice that quite a few of the items in this room came from Pier 1! They had so many perfect pieces to complete the room and they are all reasonably priced. The capiz tray resting on the bed is also from Pier 1 (and it’s on sale)!  It would be the perfect tray to set your favorite decor items on. My favorites include a few stylish books and the best smelling candles.

We got our mattress from Hyphen (photos of what it looks like are below). It arrived in a box which is still so crazy to me! Mattress shopping is something I was dreading but after discovering Hyphen, I’m so glad we went this route. It has to be the prettiest mattress I’ve ever seen too. They’re usually so boring but I love the white, grey, and blue stripes. In terms of comfort, my mom tested it out already and approved! It’s a supportive (but not too hard) foam and I might just have to test it out myself one of these nights!


The perfect coffee table book and gold jewelry box.

Next up, the nightstand! As one of the most critical and functional parts of a room, I wanted to make sure whichever item we chose had tons of storage. This antique chest from Pier 1 has so many drawers, it’s perfect! I loved how this statement lamp played on the geometry of the nightstand too. I still need to find a plant for this pink planter but it still looks pretty even when it’s empty. And how could I pass up this Valentino book? Valentino is one of my favorite designers and this book is gorgeous to flip through.

The print above the lamp is actually one of Matt and I’s anniversary photos which I had printed via Minted. I love incorporating a few personal touches around our home! I’m also so in love with this hookrack. It’s the perfect thing to hang all your scarves on and also serve as a beautiful way of decorating.


A nightstand with plenty of drawers and a statement lamp.

The West Elm Elton Chair and a Pier 1 faux fur blanket.

This chair has been with me for years! I sat in so many chairs in so many stores to find the one that was perfect for curling up in. This one was it! It used to be a part of our master bedroom but given the size of our new room, it fit much better in the guest bedroom. Of course, you need a cozy throw if you’re going to be doing any curling up. This faux fur blanket from Pier 1 is just the softest thing. It’s currently on sale and I want to buy it in every pattern and color. Do you think Matt will mind if I have 20 throw blankets all around the house?

What would a reading corner be without a lamp? This bohemian floor lamp (also on sale) is to die for. The crystal details around the top are just so gorgeous. It combines the bohemian and glam vibes so well! The shadowbox above the chair is filled with momentos from our wedding! Our vow books, part of my bouquet, our invitations… I wanted to display everything from the best day of our lives! I’ve had so many people comment on it. It’s so much better than keeping it all in a box where it can’t be seen.


Pottery Barn gold jewelry box and a Shopbop necklace tree.

This bookshelf used to be part of my office in our old apartment. It’s the perfect piece to put anywhere you need a little storage. And stylish storage at that. Given I need all the shelves I can get, I use it to display some of my shoes, bags, and jewelry. This gold jewelry box is pretty to look at and can also hold a lot. I also use this one to store my bracelets. If you look closely at the bookshelf in the photos below, it’s in the bottom left corner! This part of the room couldn’t have been complete without this art print from Paris. Every girls loves a taste of France!


A white ruffled bedspread and pink velvet pillows.

A white scalloped desk and a fur pillow.

The desk is where I spend 90% of my time when I’m home! I had to downsize a little and opted for this scalloped white desk from Pier 1. The drawer adds extra storage that is covered so you can hide the things that look a little less Pinterest worthy. I kept my gold accessories (gold stapler and pineapple pencil holder) and white desk lamp from the old place too! I like to have a clear workspace so I try to keep decor minimal.

I created a gallery wall above my desk so that when I was working, I could look up for a little inspiration. I mixed elements from Chicago and California because that’s kinda where I’m at in life right now. With California fresh in my mind, it felt right! I linked to the exact prints below.


The easiest way to shop mattresses with Hyphen!

An Anthropologie candle and the perfect coffee table books.

An Anthropologie stool and a white bookshelf with Pinterest worthy decor.

The perfect desk set up for your guest bedroom.

Gold wire book basket.

White bookshelf for holding purses, scarves, and jewelry.

Mattress in a box with Hyphen.

Parisian art print from Minted and pink roses to decorate a bookshelf.

Gold desk accessories.

West Elm vase and Trader Joe's pink roses.

Hyphen foam mattress in a box.

An Anthropologie hamper, a throw blanket, and white frayed pillows.

A second guest bedroom decorated in pink, gold, and white.

The perfectly decorated nightstand.

The prettiest second bedroom with Pier 1!

A bohemian glam floor lamp.

A gorgeous scarf hanger and gold wire trash can.

Anthropologie scarf hander and pink and beige scarves.

Anthropologie shadowbox with wedding memories.

Girly bookshelf with Minted Paris art print.

So that’s it! Our second bedroom is ready for visitors. Now, who is coming to visit?

*This post was sponsored by Pier 1 and Havenly but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I like how you’ve balanced the details without making it too cluttered. This also reminds me that I’d use a place like this to hang up my scarves.

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