VOV x Joss & Main: Office Reveal

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I have a confession to make and it’s a little embarrassing. For the last 2 years, I’ve been blogging from the couch in our living room. Forget those glamorous visions you had of bloggers with well decorated spaces and adorable offices, that was definitely not me. To give you a more realistic picture of what it’s been like, every time I’ve worked on Visions of Vogue, I’ve been in the same 2 by 2 square feet of space at the end of the couch, usually in some form of loungewear, hair thrown up in a ponytail, and Matt’s feet somewhere near me if not on me.

It’s definitely been tough at times and more often than not, a little uncomfortable too. With the growth of Visions of Vogue over the last year, I knew I needed to make a change. If you walked into our apartment any day of the week, you would have seen packages everywhere in various states of being opened, in no organized fashion. When you live in Los Angeles proper, space is extremely limited but I know that my New York or SF girls have it way worse.  It’s tough to be organized when you don’t have much room! So, you can imagine how thrilled I was to finally create an office with Joss & Main!

When you’re restricted on square footage, it can be tough to find an area to dedicate to an office in the first place, let alone keep it organized. We ended up moving a few things around and clearing out a corner in our living room so that I could have a spot for VOV. My first priority was a desk. Not only for ergonomic reasons but for other functional purposes such as additional storage and to escape being used as a footrest. While I love Matt dearly, it can be difficult to find fashion inspiration with a grown man’s feet in your face. Joss & Main has so many desk options depending on the shape and size of the space you have to work with. Instead of going the route of a typical office chair, I knew I wanted to use an accent chair to give my office just a little more character.

Next came a bookshelf. Since limited space also means minimal closet storage, I wanted to be extremely efficient with each part of my office. I filled this bookshelf with my neutral accessories to double as decor while maximizing storage. You’ll notice I did this on the desk too using these gold wire baskets. Among the items I picked out, you’ll find some larger handbags, scarves, and a few accessories from our wedding day including these gold sparkly stirs from Oh Shiny! Paper Co. After having this set up for a few weeks, I’ve noticed that being able to see your accessories instead of having them crammed in the back of your closet makes it so much easier to put together an outfit!

After we had all the major pieces, I got to work bringing the space together. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks and takes time so if you’re redecorating, don’t get frustrated with yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I swapped things out, switched things around, or searched for the perfect pieces of decor online. Fortunately, metallics and neutrals are very trendy right now so my google searches of things like “mirrored jewelry box” and “gold pencil holder” yielded a lot of results! I found some on theme artwork via Minted – I loved the price points and that you can opt to have the pieces framed. One less step for me!

To add some texture to the space, I added a white fur rug. When I first opened it, I think I sat on it for about 30 minutes because it was so comfortable. Matt would even go out of his way to walk over it because it is so soft! I already had a few accent pillows leftover from our wedding so I’ve been switching them out to see which one I like best. Like I mentioned, I’ve learned designing a space is a process and I’m just enjoying the journey!

So that’s it! A huge thank you to Joss & Main for working with me on this space. My life happiness is as high as ever because of this! I absolutely love how everything turned out to the point where it’s hard to leave my desk in the morning to go to my other desk at work! What do you think? Any tips or things I should add?

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9 thoughts on “VOV x Joss & Main: Office Reveal

  1. Your save looks so awesome!! Your post was so honest! It even made me giggle too! Thank you for sharing!! Xox

  2. It turned our perfect! I love how you arranged your sunnies in that basket. Truth be told, I set up my office months ago and am still working from the couch. Usually the desk is covered in receipts and bills I need to final. Oops…

    xx Leah / http://www.eatpraywearlove.com

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