Why I Won’t Quit My Day Job

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Sticking with my promise from last week about posting what you guys want to see,  I’m talking about why I won’t quit my day job. I still work in an office Monday through Friday. Surprised? That’s why you rarely see me Snapchat or Instastories during the week. Aside from the fact I hate the sound of my voice, of course. Cubicle life isn’t interesting. Layer on fire drill after fire drill (how business-y of me to use that term?) and I forget I even have a phone most days.

So here’s a little more about that day job. I work in corporate finance. I studied Mechanical Engineering in college and grad school but the engineering industry was first, boring and second, an old boys club. No thanks. Numbers always came easier to me so I eventually found my way to finance. Now, I manage a team that runs finance for 2 regions here in Chicago.

I’ve been asked so many times if and when I’m quitting my day job. Seems to be the trend lately with a lot of bloggers. There are pros and cons to quitting your day job, as always. However, once everything is considered, I have to say no. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever quit my day job despite wondering what it would be like at times. Of course, if any of the below factors drastically change, it might be more of a possibility. Here’s why:

1. I LIKE working 2 jobs. Is that insane? So I’ve been told. Finance and blogging are so incredibly different. Doing both allows me to challenge my brain in different ways. I get to be quantitative all day and come home to being creative.

2. Stability. There’s something to be said for a having a day job with a paycheck that arrives every 2 weeks for the exact same amount. Plus, you have medical benefits. I never get sick (thanks to a vegan-ish diet that I swear by) but I’ve heard horror stories about terrible and expensive healthcare plans especially in this changing political landscape. I’ll pass.

3. What does blogging look like 10 years from now? No one knows. I’m risk adverse so I’m not comfortable with that. What is the career path for a blogger? I don’t know. It’s not like you can get promoted per say. Yes, you need to evolve with the industry. But will I feel like constantly evolving when I’m 40? Or 50? I hope I’ve learned to take a break by then!

4. What if I don’t like it? I know people swear that making the switch was the best thing they ever did. I can imagine it is! So far, LASIK has been the best thing I ever did and it’s pretty tough to beat. My question is what if you decide to go back to your initial career? Having to explain why I spent the last decade talking about dresses and lipstick in an interview with a CFO doesn’t exactly sound promising. Maybe if I was in a different field, it would make more sense.

5. This one is something I’ve always been hesitant to talk about. It’s a big one in terms of this decision. I’m the “breadwinner”. That means I don’t have the luxury of taking a gamble on my career or source of income. Hashtag adulting, y’all. That is real life. Sometimes breadwinner implies negative connotations for the other half of the relationship. NOT the case here. Matt is doing an amazing job at catching up. Plus, he takes all my photos as he talked about here. He’s a little younger than me (which he always reminds me of) and had a major career change when he moved to LA for me which means he had to start over. We constantly talk about how we can grow in our professional careers, coaching each other and making each other the best version of ourselves. It just doesn’t happen over night.

6. There’s nothing wrong with double dipping. Who doesn’t like having cake and eating it too? Zero humans. If I don’t have to pick fashion over finance, why do it? That’s not to say this isn’t tough. It’s incredibly tough. I work around the clock. I have to work more efficiently, plan ahead, manage expectations (in both careers), and sacrifice flexibility. My Google calendar is my life. I write blog posts on the elliptical. And I only take opportunities that make sense. My boss spoke at a leadership offsite in February (that was why I was in Arizona). In his presentation he said, “if it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense.” Amen. I run my blog like a business. It’s hard for some to understand without a doubt. Every single venture is strategic. For now, this approach is working for me so I’m not about to shake things up. Our move across the country was enough for one year!

7. Change comes from being uncomfortable. Not surprisingly, I’m Type A. I’m probably a workaholic and I’m definitely a perfectionist. A huge focus of mine is improving things and making things better. Doesn’t matter what that thing is. My relationship, my knowledge, my ability to curl my hair in 7 minutes or less when I’m running late to work… All the things, all the time. It exhausts Matt so sometimes he has to rein me back in. Balancing a day job and blogging is a challenge. A challenge that definitely makes me uncomfortable at times. Literally, blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this blog as hard as that is to admit. Uncomfortable shoes and shooting fall content in August are the bane of my existence. That said, this journey has made me stronger, more aware, and forced me to grow in ways I wouldn’t have had I not taken it this far.

Working a day job in an office and blogging is not a path for everyone. I could give you a million tips for making it work but that’s a whole other topic. There’s more to it than just dressing the part. Although, I wish a cute blazer and a button down made everyone’s job a little easier!

What did you think of my reasons? Change your perspective on me a little? If you’re fully employed and blogging, I’d love to hear how you manage! I’m really curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on this in general.

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navy blue blazer and white skinny jeans - Why I Won't Quit My Day Job by Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

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what to wear to work - Why I Won't Quit My Day Job by Chicago style blogger Visions of Vogue

42 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Quit My Day Job

  1. i really enjoyed finding out more about you, and am impressed with your full time career and managing to make blogging look easy. i am sooo not a numbers person, and always wished i was blessed with those skills!

  2. I’m right there with you! I’m a full-time web developer/digital marketer but I also run a travel blog on the side. I’ve always known that I would never give up my FT job to be a blogger. I’m a Taurus and I need stability and security, plus, I like my job so I totally get where you’re coming from.

  3. I used to work an office job and blog and I loved the stability of a paycheck. I decided to quit when my hubby and I spoke that it was OK to pursue the blog only. Of course, I have never discarded going back to a 9-5 because like you say, where can a blogging career look like in 10 years! Loved this post!

  4. Great post!! Even though I’m not in an office job I am still working 2 jobs as well as being the breadwinner! Exhausting at times but also so rewarding! I’ll definitely never give up my main gig for blogging. EVER. #girlbossesrule :)

  5. I seriously loved reading this post! I have been excited to read it since you announced that you were hoping to write about it last week. It’s really cool to hear your perspective on this subject since a lot of bloggers feel differently, but I can also completely understand where you’re coming from as well. I honestly wish sometimes that I had been able to work corporately, but my health didn’t allow that so I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunity that blogging has given me to work from home. I think it’s awesome that you’re able to balance both blogging and a full-time career! You are the epitome of a girl boss!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  6. Omg. I feel like you took the words out of my mouth. I couldn’t agree with you more. This was so well written and I really applaud you for taking this stance publicly. I’ve thought about writing this exact post but felt like I hadn’t been juggling both long enough to offer my perspective. So much admiration and respect for you, Jenna!!

    xx, Amy

  7. So proud of you, Jenna! I don’t have a full-time job, but sometimes I wonder what it’d be like. I guess my “full-time job” is being a stay-at-home mom. I have to work very creatively and efficiently to be able to manage a blog, and I too only take on gigs that make sense. Keep on being an inspiration!

    xo, Irina Bond | BondGirlGlam.com

  8. Girl! This post is so good. People always ask me why I don’t just blog full time. I respond with “because I love my job consulting!” It’s not a traditional 9-5, but it’s my business and I love working with my clients on a daily basis. My business comes first, then it’s blogging. I think you bring up a good point about doing this at 40. That’s 5 years away for me and I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing and whether I want to be an “influencer” in 5 years. I’m going to keep doing it while I like it and while it generates income. Xx

  9. Love this post and love this outfit… brains and beauty!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. I couldn’t agree more. Yes it sounds great to be like “oh I blog full time and it’s the best decision I ever made”, but they have no idea what will happen in the future and then what?! I can’t see myself giving up my lucrative law career that made me a breadwinner in my marriage to blog full time, especially with a child on the way. I love blogging but it’s my part time hobby, not my life’s work.

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  11. Wow, wow, wow!! Loved reading more about you!! You are so very inspiring. I don’t know how you manage both, but being type A does help. I’ve wondered too what happens when I’m in my 50’s (i’m almost in my 40’s so i left that age bracket out). Thanks for sharing.


  12. I’m just now starting out my blog while studying to be a nurse. I’m planning to continue both career paths for the foreseeable future!

  13. Love this post! I went back and forth for a while after realizing I couldn’t keep up with 2 jobs. I came to the point where I had to force myself to choose: either work at a job that was not inspiring at all (and didn’t pay well) or take the risk and put 100% of myself into the blog. Ultimately, I chose the blog because I can actually put my marketing degree to use instead of just being someone’s secretary! My husband is the bread winner, so he was very supportive of my decision. But it is still super scary not having a stable paycheck. Everyone’s situation is different, and I loved hearing your perspective!

  14. I LOVE this post! I can relate to each and every one of your reasons- they mimic my thoughts exactly! Thanks for voicing what lots of us feel :)

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! I got quite the backlash last night in that RewardStyle group for sharing this!! 😂

  15. I love this post so much! I work in finance, and every day get asked “when I’m quitting”, and I truly couldn’t imagine it. I love both of my jobs so much and it was truly awesome to read this and hear your thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Morgan! I LOVE that you’re also in finance – it’s so nice that someone gets what I mean because they truly are so different! I think our background in particular helps us see things that others trying to go full time might not :)

  16. This post! Love it! I feel so similar to a lot of these points. I am in NO position to quit my job and blog full time, but I think if it ever got to that point I wouldn’t be able to do it. As much as fashion blogging is fun, I like to think that there are other meaningful things to do in the world and only blogging would leave me a little unfulfilled.
    Thanks for being honest about the topic!

  17. I say work and blog on! We are living parallel lives right down to the bread winning – which my phone just autocorrected to wining – could be something there. Except for my whole toddler existence and the fact I could never wear white jeans to work we are the same. Well said! 😐

  18. Jenna, LOVE this post! While I don’t think I’m ready for FT blogging (even if I wanted to!), I relate to so much of what you shared! I absolutely agree that having my blog is an amazing outlet from my every day job which is very corporate, similar to yours. Thanks so much for sharing this!
    xoxo, Jenna
    Boston Chic Party

  19. I really really loved this post! I don’t think enough people talk about the real side affects (if you want to call them that) of quitting a stable day job to blog full time and just how much you’d be sacrificing. Thanks so much for sharing!
    – Ana Luiza

  20. This is so inspiring and your reasonings are also very insightful. Btw: loving this fierce look as well!

  21. THANK YOU! Thank you for sharing this and sharing a little peek into how you do it. I am in the stage where I want to start blogging, but I love my job and I’m trying hard to figure out how to manage both. I would love to hear another post on this about a more in depth approach to blogging and working full time. Thank you for being so inspiring and showing that this is possible!

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