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best natural makeup products for summer

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Before getting into safe beauty, I had a lot of skepticism of whether or not I could achieve the same makeup looks with safer products. I loved that they were better for you, but did they work? The answer is yes. ABSOLUTELY. When you find the right products, they are just as good. Sometimes, they even work better. Here are the natural summer makeup products that are a must have! 

When it comes to clean/natural/safe (they’re all synonyms – the first two, don’t mean anything and are usually marketing ploys) beauty, there are a lot of products out there that just don’t work. It’s more common with skincare because skincare products have the challenging task of transforming your skin. It’s a big ask! But, there are a bunch of products that are truly amazing! I’ve been experimenting with a bunch of new ones for summer that are making my skin glow!

Before I dive into makeup, let me just say that skincare is just as important as good makeup. Good skin requires less makeup. Trust me. If you’re looking for a clean skincare routine that doesn’t increase your risk of irritation, infertility, or worse (cancer), read this post.

So what is my natural makeup routine for summer?

1. SPF BB Cream.

100% pure BB cream in shade luminous

SPF is so important for summer especially if you’re prone to dark spots like melasma! This BB Cream is the best I’ve found for laying under my moisturizing foundation. It’s not super oily like sunscreen usually is and doesn’t create too much shine.

I use shade “10 Luminous”!

2. Moisturizing Tint Skin Foundation. 

beautycounter tint skin foundation

This is the best foundation I’ve found that is safe. I’ve actually seen my skin improve since I switched back to this product – my skin looks healthier and happier now that toxic chemicals aren’t sitting on top of it all day long. It is light to medium cover and can be layered to cover up spots or scars. If you want proof of just how well it works, watch the Morning Makeup “highlights” on my Instagram. I use the Vanish brush to apply but you can also use your fingers!

I use shade “Sand” in summer and “Linen” in winter!

3. Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette.

beautycounter ultimate nudes eyeshadow palette

This eyeshadow palette is hands down the reason I have become an eyeshadow user. The colors are extremely versatile, wearable, and they blend incredibly well. Every color can be worn by all eye colors hence the name “Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette”. It’s finely milled powder and you only need a tiny bit of product so it will last forever. There is also less “fallout” below your eyes when you apply because you don’t have to use as much excess powder.

Most eyeshadow palettes are made with heavy metals and carcinogens but this palette doesn’t have any of those! You don’t want those sitting on your face for extended periods of time let alone near your eye – an organ you use every day!

As an added bonus, this palette comes out with a large pop out mirror that can be used as multipurpose. It also comes with a double sided eyeshadow brush – one with an angle cut and one with an all over coverage shape.

4. Concealer.

beautycounter concealer touchup pen

I have 2 concealers that I’m alternating between currently: this Beautycounter Touchup Pen and the RMS Beauty Uncoverup. The RMS Beauty concealer does tend to get in my creases a little but I like the color of it and how easy it is to apply with my fingers. I use the Touchup Pen when I want to avoid anything getting in my creases or for more formal events!

I use the shade “Light’ in the Pen and 22 in the Uncoverup!

5. Cream Blush.

beautycounter color pinch cream blush

This is one of those products I originally thought was perfect for summer but am starting to think might be a year round thing. If you love applying things with your hands, you will love this cream blush! You only need one dab of color on each cheek and since you rub it in with your hands, you have a little more control over where it goes. If you apply too much, you can tone it down or blend it out with the brush you used for your foundation! What I love about the cream blush versus a matte blush is that the cream blush gives you that dewy summer skin. Since it’s a little more hydrating, this is what has me thinking it might be better for winter (when our skin is dry too)!

I have (and love!) both the “Hibiscus” and “Umber” shades!

6. Illuminating Cream Highlighter. 

beautycounter illuminating cream highlighter

Similar to the cream blush, this illuminating cream highlighter has summer written all over it. Plus, it’s 100% no toxic chemicals! I love the Pearl Glow and the Rose Glow. The Rose Glow also doubles as a shimmery blush (I’ve tried it) and comes our really beautifully on your skin. Both can be applied with your finger or via the stick depending on your preference. The creamy texture also makes sure your skin is glowing and looks healthy.

I tend to use “Pearl Glow” when I’m experimenting with more bold eyeshadows and the “Rose Glow” when I’m sticking with neutrals!

7. Mattifying Powder. 

beautycounter mattifying powder

If you struggle with oily skin or feel like you need to tone down the glow, this mattifying powder is amazing. It’s translucent so it can be used on any skin tone and doesn’t leave an overly matte look – you know, where your skin looks aged. I use this fluffy powder brush to dab here and there as needed!

As an added bonus, you can use it as a dry shampoo!

8. Sheer Lipstick.

beautycounter sheer lipstick

These sheer lipsticks are my favorite because they are hydrating but also give you a little pop of color. They’re really easy to apply and don’t wear off awkwardly like so many lipsticks do. Think of them as being as easy as a chapstick but with the ability to revamp your makeup look in seconds because of the pop of color! This product has also won an Allure Best of Beauty award!

You can’t go wrong with any color (seriously) but my most used are “Currant”, “Poppy”, “Orchid”, and “Twig”.

Have you tried any of these natural makeup products? What looks interesting to you?

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