Gift Guide for Dad

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Dads can be incredibly difficult to shop for. Generally, they don’t want much and if they do, it’s hard to get an idea of what it is that they’d like to receive other than an Amazon gift card. But if you’re up for getting creative, here are some of the more ‘out of the box’ ideas for dad this holiday!

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1. Beeropoly Game: A fun little gift that a group can enjoy!

2. Kebob Grilling Baskets: Men love to grill! Help him help you with these kebob baskets. It’s a win win.

3. Tie: Ties are an obvious choice. But help dad outside of his comfort zone with a tie in a unique color.

4. Dad’s Playbook: A quirky little gift!

5. City Map Glass: For that after work cocktail that he has to have on a Friday night!

6. Athletic Shoes: Why do men love running shoes? And obnoxious ones at that? I liken it to women and their heels.

7. Whiskey Rocks: Nothing seems more like Mad Men than a good cocktail. For the guy that loves to indulge, these whiskey rocks are a must have.

8. Scotch Toothpicks: Every man loves scotch. Let him savor the aftertaste with these scotch flavored toothpicks.

9. Shark Socks: Boring socks are so old school. Bring dad into the 21st century with some graphic socks.

10. Neighborhoods Coaster Set: Wooden coasters with various neighborhoods carved into them. Definitely a gift that caused Matt to react with a “wow” when he opened ours!

11. Shoe Cleaning Kit: Guys also tend to be meticulous about their shoes (or some can be). Give him a gift he can put to use with this cleaner kit!

12. Shoe Horn: For when he needs a little help slipping on his dress shoes!

13. Deep Cleansing Facial Brush: It may be difficult to get him to use a skincare routine, but if you add tech to it, it should be an easier story!

14. Driving Shoe: You haven’t stepped up your fashion game until you own a driving shoe. Help dad along with a stylish pair.

15. iPhone Case and Credit Card Holder: Sleek and sexy. Men are all about less is more. This case serves as a wallet and phone protector.

16. Wireless Headphones: They do love their tech! Whether he wears these on the plane or to the gym, these wireless headphones are a great gift. Matt uses his ever day!

17. Fleece Pullover: Keep him warm this holiday with one of these fleece pullovers. Classic and timeless, he’ll wear this year after year.

18. Body Scrub: Manly yet practical. It’s hard to get men into a skincare routine but if you need ideas, read this post.

19. Beard Oil: Men take extreme pride in their beards so help them take care of it! If he doesn’t have a beard, he can use this as face oil until one grows in!

20. Shaving Kit: Everything in one spot! This kit has the best scent – I got it for Matt years ago and he loves it.

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