Holiday Gift Guide: 22 Beauty Gift Ideas

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For the girl that loves everything from skincare to makeup, it can be tough to get her something she gets excited about or hasn’t tried already! All of these beauty gift ideas are sure to impress and give you some street (beauty) cred!

1. Ambient Lighting Edit: This beauty sold out in the Sephora VIB sale but is still available at Nordstrom! It’s so convenient!

2. GLAMGLOW Face Mask Set: I love the SUPERMUD face mask – it’s like the Snapchat beauty filter but in real life!

3. While You Sleep Hair Mask: A convenient mask to help your BFF keep those luscious locks. I talked about this mask in my tips on how to keep hair hydrated during winter.

4. Life is Short, Wear More Makeup Pouch: How adorable!

5. I May Not Be Perfect But My Makeup Is Pouch: I can’t decide between this one or the previous one!

6. Makeup Organizer: When you love beauty products, clear organizers are key for keeping track of everything you have!

7. Tom Ford Eyeshadow Palette: A compact selection of eyeshadows that comes in 8 different combinations.

8. Marble Cosmetics Bag: You can never own too many cosmetics bags! This one is so cute for traveling!

9. Kopari Coconut Melt: The coconut oil you can literally use for just about anything and everything in your beauty routine!

10. Beauty Blender Set: Any beauty junkie knows that you always need several of these on hand to create the perfect look.

11. Dry Brush: Exfoliation is key! This brush is a luxe item to keep skin beautiful year round.

12. Body Oil: Another beauty secret to keep your skin hydrated during the winter months!

13. Nail Kit: A cute nail kit that has everything all in one spot for the girl who gives herself her own manis and pedis!

14. Eye Mask Kit: Spoil your friend with this eye mask set that is sure to make her look more awake!

15. Invisibobble Hair Tie: The hottest new trend in ponytails – it protects your hair from breakage!

16. Makeup Brush Cleaner: This mat is so easy to use and convenient (I own it). It’s perfect for beauty lovers when they need to clean their brushes!

17. Silk Pillowcase: Good for your hair, your eyelashes, and your skin! Silk can be a game changer while you sleep!

18. Compact: For the girl that needs to make sure her makeup still looks perfect on the go!

19. Toner: This gel to water toner keeps your skin’s PH balance in check and is the coolest product I’ve ever used.

20. Dry Shampoo Sampler: Makeup junkies love to sample. Why not give her this mini dry shampoo set so she can see which one she likes best?

21. Highlighter: This highlighter puts all others to shame. If she loves beauty, she’ll love this!

22. Microneedling Kit: Regenerates her skin with microneedling technology! I haven’t tried it but I’m so intrigued!

So friends, what do you think? Did I miss any beauty gift ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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