Friday Five: 5 Must Have Spring Items

must have spring items

Purple Dress (comes in 3 colors!) | Wedges (sooo worth it!) | Similar White Bag | White Earrings | Lipstick in Smile

Spring was slow to arrive for a lot of us. So if you’re wondering what items you need, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites that you can wear well into summer. Here are my 5 must have spring items! 

I’m going to keep today’s post to fashion since I’ve been writing so much about beauty lately! If you missed my 8 spring beauty trends that I’m dying to try, give it a read! They’re really good and make you feel refreshed for the new season ahead. Plus they’re just generally good for your beauty routine no matter what season it is!

1. Trench Coat.

When it comes to trench coats, I’m really picky. I have a few favorite brands: London Fog, Via Spiga, and Ralph Lauren. I’ve tried so many over the years and I love how a trench coat can make an outfit instantly chic. It can also keep you warm on a cooler night. Today was the first day I broke out the trench coat and I couldn’t have felt more freed. For any girl who ever has felt restricted by a thick puffer coat, you know the feeling. It was so good!

2. White Top.

You can never own too many white tops, right? With Spring comes brighter colors. When you want to experiment with those colors, a white top is the easiest way to pull your look together. Pastel jeans? Pick out your favorite white top and easy peasy. They’re also great for work and you can regularly incorporate them into your outfits of the day. They’re the perfect work to weekend look.

3. Wedges.

Wedges are one of the items that I am most excited to break out. I got a little taste in Mexico and I forgot how amazing they make your legs look. Forget the diet and hours of cardio, just buy a pair of wedges. Here are a few of my favorites.

4. Floral Dress.

You guys know I’m no stranger to the floral dress. Even if florals or feminine prints aren’t your thing, get just one. They really make a girl feel a little extra special. There are more subtle prints if you’re not into something super pink! Wear it to brunch, date night, church, weddings, or bridal showers! Take your pick!

5. Statement Earrings.

These are one of the most fun and most affordable accessories. There are so many options and almost all of them come in several colors. No matter what colors are in your wardrobe, go a little wild with some statement earrings. It’s a low risk way to experiment with fashion!

Do you have any spring must have items? What are your favorites?

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