Friday Five: 5 Best US Travel Destinations

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Since I originally planned to head out of town this weekend (flights are cancelled out of Chicago for a severe storm warning!), I figured it would be a great time to update my 5 best US travel destinations. I first wrote this post last year but since we’ve added a few places to the list, I think it’s time we update. I did a poll on Instagram and you guys agreed!

When you’re fully employed, it can be tough to find time to take off a few weeks to travel to an international destination. That’s why I started my A Weekend In series! It’s designed for anyone looking to take a quick weekend trip and I’m planning to add more spots to the list in 2018. Quick weekend trips are what most of us fully employed girls have to go on (at least until we stock up or negotiate enough vacation days). Am I right?

These cities are scattered around the US so if you’re lucky enough to live close to one of them, you can maybe even drive. I have a travel guide for most of them which is a great place to start if you’re planning a weekend. If you have any questions or want personalized recommendations, shoot me an email here.

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We visited Asheville for the first time last February. The highlight of the trip was the Biltmore Estate for me and for Matt, it was all the breweries. It’s a small town feel with plenty to do to keep you busy for a long weekend which is why it makes my list of top US travel destinations. There are a lot of amazing new restaurants and who can pass up an opportunity to go wine tasting. I’d recommend visiting April through September. For a few travel ideas, read this post!

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It’s no shocker that Charleston makes the cut. With the cute pastel buildings and it’s southern charm, it’s paradise for anyone looking to get a few cute photos. I couldn’t stop snapping pictures every way we turned! Eventually I’d love to own a home in that southern style. There’s nothing better than sitting on the porch enjoying a glass of wine and that’s just what we did! It was a little hot in June so I’d avoid visiting in the peak of summer. For a travel guide, read this post!

new york city travel guide

New York

I’ve been to New York a few times and feel like I’ve only discovered 5% of what the city has to offer. If you’re looking for hustle and bustle, this is the city for you. The most magical part is seeing 5th Ave decorated for the holidays. Actually, the entire city comes alive. There are so many sights to see (my favorite was Top of the Rock), check out a show on Broadway, and of course, some of the best restaurants in the US. If you don’t mind a little bit of temperamental weather, I’d say gamble and visit in early December. If you’re looking for a starting point, here is my NYC travel guide.


Now that I’ve lived here for over a year, I can finally say that the Windy City makes the list! However, only plan to visit between June and September. Unless of course you like freezing temperatures! Chicago is known for being the land of deep dish pizza and Italian beer combos. The river and Riverwalk have some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. One of the must see attractions is the Architectural Tour – I promise you it’s worth it even though it sounds a little weird. If you’re looking to plan a weekend in Chicago, this post is going to be helpful!

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Southern California. 

Los Angeles made my list last time but I’m adjusting it slightly. Southern California is where I grew up so it seems a little weird to think of it as a travel destination. But it is! Depending on what you’re looking for, LA has some of the trendiest eateries (with the most delicious vegetarian options) and best nightlife along the coast. Santa Barbara is one of my personal favorite cities but is a little difficult to get to in a weekend unless you live nearby. Orange County is a slower pace but if you just want a relaxing beach weekend, it’s a great option. Same goes for San Diego but there’s a little more of a downtown area so it’s better for most people! All in all, you can’t beat Southern California for some warmth and relaxation.

Have you been to any of my top US travel destinations? Do you have any suggestions on cities we should visit this year? Please share!

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  1. I don’t know if you’ve made it out to Boston, but it’s a great city! Its a walkable city with great food and lots to offer.

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