A Weekend In Charleston

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Today kicks off a new series on Visions of Vogue! I talked a little about this on Insta Stories last week. This series is all about how to visit a city in a weekend. Since most people (myself included!) are fully employed, that is usually when we can travel! And I couldn’t be more excited to start off with one of my favorite cities: Charleston.

If you’re keen to enjoy some southern charm, head on down to Charleston! I fell in love with this city in about 5 minutes. It was an immediate love. And while I would definitely love to go back and soak up some more of the stunning architecture, I also think it makes for a perfect little getaway. As a small town, there isn’t too much to do. There’s just enough to keep you occupied for a weekend and leave you feeling refreshing for another week in the office!

Without further adieu, here’s my weekend agenda for a trip to Charleston…

colorful homes in the south
exposed brick home with blue shutters


Matt and I took a 3:15PM flight out from Chicago down to Charleston. It was a really easy flight and we took an Uber to our hotel, Zero George, once we landed. Our hotel was so peaceful and beautiful, we decided to stay there for the night. We grabbed drinks on the porch and eventually ordered a few bites to eat (including the cheese plate I posted on Instagram). Even if you’re not staying at Zero George, I’d recommend stopping by for a drink! Grab a seat on the veranda and just enjoy the view!

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We borrowed bicycles and headed to Hominy Grill to grab brunch over in Cannonborough first thing in the morning. Matt ordered the peach praline pancakes with a side of double cut bacon and I opted for a egg white omelette with a biscuit and fresh jam. Everything was delicious and the service was great. There was a 30 minute wait even at 10AM so be prepared! The tables seemed to turn over quite quickly though!

Riding bikes around charleston, south carolina

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After brunch, head down Cannon Street and pick up some sugar for later at Sugar Bakeshop. Tons of cute and tasty baked goods. There is also a cute stationery store called Mac & Murphy. All the shops look like homes so keep an eye out or you might miss it!

southern style home

We went back to the hotel to drop off the bikes and cool off a little. It’s pretty hot and humid in June so be prepared and pack your favorite lightweight tops and shorts!

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We left the hotel again, this time on foot, and walked through Charleston City Market to shop for local goods and sweet treats. They have these incredibly beautiful woven baskets everywhere you go!

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We then walked along King Street to check out the shopping everyone talks about. While I’m not one to shop on vacation (my suitcase is usually at maximum capacity already), it’s fun to see these little stores! Check out Hampden for some cute women’s clothing and Christophe Artisan Chocolatier for your sugar fix. There was a farmer’s market happening on Saturday which we walked through, sampling a few snacks along the way. There is also a Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams if you’re in need of a little cooling off a couple blocks down.

For a little bit of history, take a tour of the Aiken-Rhett House. It’s within walking distance of King Street but Uber is also an option if it’s too hot!

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Since we had been snacking all day, we weren’t too hungry. Plus, a lot of the restaurants on King St. didn’t open until later OR closed around 2PM to prep for dinner. Just make sure to check operating hours if there’s a place you’re dying to try!

If you’re not much of a shopper, I’d recommend repurposing this day and visiting Sullivan’s island. Go to Boone Hall Plantation and Gardens near Mt. Pleasant before heading down to the beach for a few hours. Grab lunch at Poe’s Tavern and a sweet snack at Bearcat’s. Relax until it’s time to head back to change for dinner!

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For Dinner we went to Pawpaw for some southern eats. It was really good! I had a kale salad, Matt ate a full rack of ribs, and we split some fried brussel sprouts. It was pretty lively and we got to sit right by the kitchen and could watch the service go all night.

After dinner, we went to Pavillion for some rooftop drinks. You can see a gorgeous panoramic view of the ocean and harbor from there. It’s a relatively large place but on a Saturday night, it was also pretty busy. Get ready to share a table or stand while you wait for one to open up! The rooftop at Vendue Hotel is also a great spot for drinks so if Pavillion is busy, head there! It’s a quick 5 minute walk away!

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For breakfast, we ate at the hotel since it was included in our stay. They had these amazing cinnamon sugar biscuits – I could have eaten 5 of them! I also grabbed some fresh berries!

We set off on bikes again to visit some of the historical sites. We went through Waterfront Park which is the home of the famous pineapple fountain. I said to Matt as we went through that I bet it was gorgeous at sunset!

rainbow row in charleston - pastel colored houses

Rainbow Row was one of the first stops on my list! I loved all these brightly colored homes! We saw a few couples taking engagement photos as well as a few bloggers. Note that if you’re trying to get good photo lighting, go in the afternoon because the sun shines on these buildings in the morning!

pink hotel in charleston with beautiful floral trees

black shutters with a butter yellow house

We continued our bike journey down by the ocean and looped around the coast. The wind in our hair felt so good under the hot sun! We made it down past the Battery and quickly went through White Point Garden (no need to stay long here).

purple colored house in charleston
southern architecture with statement shutters

red floral romper in charleston

On our way back, we took a few detours down random streets just to see all the southern homes. I kept stopping to take photos and Matt would have to stop and wait for me to finish. We finally found the marble steps I’ve seen so many bloggers shoot at on the corner of Church St. and Stoll’s. We just happened upon them!

white marble steps and dolce vita sandals

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Next up was Charleston City Hall! I had seen these gorgeous marble steps and thought this building was so stunning!

charleston city hall - historical buildings
southern charm in buildings

pink wall in charleston south carolina

For pre-dinner drinks, head to The Darling Oyster Bar. It’s a really cute spot – just note that it doesn’t open until about 4. Although I’m not an oyster eater, this spot seemed like a logical pick. There was also another option called 167 Raw that Matt wanted to stop by to try. They had several wines but again, there was a wait so if you’re headed either place, be prepared.

For dinner, head to Husk. It’s really tough to get a reservation here so plan far ahead or go on a slower night! The dragon punch comes highly recommended as a drink choice and you can’t go wrong with any of the seafood!

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Matt and I took the first flight out Monday morning at 5:30AM. The flight ended up being half the costs of flying out Sunday night and while Monday was rough at work, I’m glad we got to spend the extra night in Charleston!

If y’all have requests for me to cover a certain city or are headed somewhere soon, let me know! I’d love to share a few helpful travel tips!

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pink and purple house on rainbow row

pastel mint home in the south


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  1. Charleston looks AMAZING! It’s at the top of my travel bucket list!! So many pretty sights to see!

  2. I’ve been seriously dying to visit Charleston. It’s not a far drive from where I live, and for a weekend, it would be absolutely perfect. I’ll definitely have to check out all the places you visited!

  3. So many beautiful looks! Love them all! I think visited Charleston long ago and was not this well planed with adorable looks! <3

  4. This guide has me so excited for my upcoming Charleston trip next month! Thanks for sharing babe! And PS, I love all of your looks you wore!

    xo, Sara

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