Friday Five: 5 Back to School Must Haves + $200 Colleen Rothschild Giveaway

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So obviously, I’m many years out of college. But with so many people talking about “back to school” mania, I can’t help but think about the good ‘ole days. So, here are 5 must have items that I would buy if I was headed back to the classroom this fall. If only I could do it all over again!

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1. Stylish Backpack.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved my Yavapai The North Face backpack right down to the threads. Literally. It fell apart. But knowing what I know now, I would have gotten a cuter backpack. Who cares if it didn’t hold all my engineering books? If we’re rewinding time, I would have changed my major while I’m at it. I could have used a little more Flip Cup and a little less one on one time with fluid dynamics.

While it’s tough to pick a favorite from this line up, I actually own this Sole Society one. Even if you aren’t heading back to school, it makes for a great vacation bag. I carried it around Cuba when we were there last month!

2. Skincare Routine.

If only I would have started taking care of my skin sooner. This is more of a life lesson than something required for hours spent listening to a teacher. If you missed the skincare routine I currently use, read up. It’s giving a line up of killer products that could have prevented a few of these wrinkles. Anyway, there’s nothing that makes you feel like you’re more “adult” than taking care of yourself. Plus, these products will help offset the effects of the fifth of vodka you and your sorority sisters split last night.

PS. Whatever age you are, GET A SKINCARE ROUTINE. Preferably one with non-toxic products. That’s my one piece of life advice. Drop the mic.

3. Eye Mask.

So I just bought one of these silk eye masks from Nordstrom and it has changed my life. Whether you’ve got crazy sorority sisters as roommates or your husband insists upon turning the lights on while you’re still sleeping, it will help you catch those zzzs. Silk is supposed to be great for your skin and also very gentle on lash extensions (if you have those).

If you thought an eye mask would bother you while you sleep, so did I. However, it hasn’t affected me at all!

4. Cute Notebook.

I don’t know why I felt like I had to fit in with all the boys while I was in college. Oh wait. Because there were only boys in my classes. As a mechanical engineer, seeing another female was rare. To the point where I acted like a dude, thought like a dude, and carried around dude-appropriate notebooks. If I could do it again, I would love to up the femme and get a cute one like these!

Who cares if I was using it to take notes or doodle? I still use a notebook at work so now that I think of it, I might just go pick up some of these for myself (as a full blown career gal)!

5. Desk Supplies.

I never seemed to have a stapler or some scotch tape when I needed it. Probably because my desk was used more for holding my closet or my dinner. Priorities, right? Whether I was constantly trying to find my iPhone charger or wondering what today’s date was, there was room for improvement. Even to this day, I constantly find myself looking for a pen whenever it’s time to write the rent check. Guess I should probably add a copper desk organizer to my shopping cart too…

Honorable mention for back to school must haves has to be candles. I don’t know why I didn’t get into these sooner. They’re so girly and fabulous! If you noticed from my posts about how to style a bookshelf or how to decorate your desk, I have them everywhere!

What I’m realizing is that in order to get excited about back to school, you don’t have to be a student. There’s something about new office supplies and hitting refresh on a season that will forever make me feel giddy. Even when I started my new job here in Chicago, I got excited to pick out a new notebook from the cabinet! It doesn’t matter if you work in an office or do your thing from home. We all need the same basics to do work. At any age. Make them cute!

PS. I’m also giving away $200 to Colleen Rothschild – one of my favorite beauty brands! Read more about their products here.

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17 thoughts on “Friday Five: 5 Back to School Must Haves + $200 Colleen Rothschild Giveaway

  1. I am loving all of the cute backpack styles right now! Totally wish they had those when I was still in school. And I love back to school time because it’s a great excuse to buy pretty new notebooks! ha!

  2. I will definitely agree on the backpack and notebook front – along with face/eye masks haha (that way you look like you slept even if you didn’t because you were up all night studying)!

  3. Back to school shopping used to be one of my favorite things to do! Now I just make excuses to buy cute things like I’d use back in the day! Such great picks!

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