Friday Five: 5 Desk Accessories For Your Work Space

The perfect desk set up for your guest bedroom.

Most of us spend most of our day at a desk. Whether it’s a home office or if you’re in a big office building, you’ve gotten real cozy with a desk over the years! So when you’re spending so much time at this piece of furniture, why not decorate it prettily? I’ve found that having a beautiful space makes me happy (and also makes for great IG photos). Here are 5 items that I think make the perfect desktop decor:

  • Vase: I never liked flowers in high school or college. I didn’t understand why people bought them because they just died. Now, I’m obsessed! My favorite way to decorate is with a fresh bouquet I’ve likely picked up from the local Trader Joe’s (how are their prices so good?)!
  • Coasters: I swap out my coasters pretty regularly. My mom used to walk around the house putting my water cups on a coaster so they wouldn’t ruin the furniture. I learned my lesson! Our collection is steadily growing but lately, I’ve had my eye on these agate ones. Coasters are such an easy and functional way to bring in new color or an accent to a space.
  • Pencil holder: What could inspire you to write more than a pineapple pencil holder? If you’re me, nothing. I’ve never been a great writer – math and science were more my thing. However, this hint of gold serves as a vessel for us to keep tabs on our pens for all the mundane aspects of adult life. I giggle every time Matt asks me where the pens are and I tell him “in the pineapple”. He keeps asking like I try to hide them from him!
  • Stapler and Tape Dispenser: Admittedly, these things don’t come in handy as much as they did when I was in grade school. But they’re too pretty to pass up. Plus, they’re at a low price point so you don’t have to feel guilty. For the one time a month where a stapler is required, I’m ready!
  • A pretty book: if you’ve seen any of my home decor posts, you know that I add a book to almost every space. I typically like to stack books so it looks a little more interesting. Top it off with a candle and you’re set!

These 5 items are a fool proof way to decorate your work space! One of Matt’s friends came over and told me he felt like he was on Pinterest in my office. That was a total compliment because I’ve never thought of myself as much of a decorator (my sister got the creative genes) but I have started to play around lately! For a few more glimpses from our home, you can find our second bedroom here and our living room here.

Once you get your 5 pieces together, play around with where you place them on your desk. Remember that how it’s arranged isn’t permanent so give it a few days. If you don’t love it, switch it up again until you find something you do!

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