The Best Facial Oil

best facial oils for moisturized and oily skin

If you’ve been looking for the one skincare product that changes your life, let me tell you about facial oil. I know it might sound intimidating at first, but trust me, it will work miracles on your skin. So what is the best facial oil?Read More

The Best Body Oil

best body oil

Tropical Tank Top (so flattering and only $15.80!) | High waisted Shorts (only $13.80!) | Lipstick in ‘Little Red Dress’

A few weeks ago, I talked about body oil on Instagram and how much of a game changer it is for dry skin. It’s lotion on the next level. Once you use it, you will never go back. So what is it and what are the best body oils? Read More

Dermstore Sale Alert

Dermstore is having a sale on natural skincare and makeup products and it’s 20% off with code NATURAL. For any of you Sephora girls, you know this is a bigger discount than Sephora is offering this weekend! If you watched my Instagram Stories this weekend, you know that the word “natural” doesn’t actually mean safe. They can still use toxic chemicals and I went through the sale and noticed that some of the eligible brands still have parabens, PEGs, and fragrance. You can use the filters on the side to filter those toxic chemicals out but they don’t always work correctly. I’ve also gone through the sale and shared some of the things I bought below!

A few brands that are safe where you can try almost any one of their products:

And of course, you can always check this list to get more information on certain toxic ingredients that you might see! Bookmark this page to pull it up whenever you shop in store or online!