Blush Pink Sandals

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sofft blush pink sandals for spring from zappos

Blush Pink Sandals

Sandals season has been slow to arrive in Chicago but luckily, we escaped last weekend to Cabo. Knowing we were headed to warmer weather, I snagged a few new pairs of shoes from Zappos including these Sofft blush pink sandals.

As I mentioned yesterday, my planning for this trip was last minute. Even though I knew it was coming, it was hard to think about spring clothes when it snowed a week ago. Yes, it snowed in April! I knew that Zappos’ shipping is fast and free so I browsed their site for a little inspiration. There are a bunch of new spring arrivals there including these sandals by Sofft.

I was first drawn to the blush pink color (I’m really embracing it this year). It’s a pale pink so it is as easy to pair with other things as a neutral. However, it does bring a little bit of femininity to any outfit. As a lover of dresses, you guys know that I’m all about the girly style so they work really well with most of my wardrobe.

I also love that these blush pink sandals are strappy. Since Chicago is a very walking friendly city, we end up doing a lot of exploring on foot in spring and summer. Slip ons are cute but straps are more practical for getting around. I’m notorious for being a little clumsy so I don’t have to worry about these flying off my feet when I’m keeping up with Matt (he’s a fast walker)!

Do you have a favorite pair of blush pink sandals? Have you tried any Sofft shoes from Zappos?

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