Best Tops under $50 from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (and What Didn’t Work)

pink bp sweater

This post is a little different than usual! With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in full swing, I’m rounding up the best picks by category every day. The next most requested category over on Instagram was tops. So let’s do this (in a fresh way)! There are 17 tops and sweaters below!

Dresses were on the mind yesterday – especially some under $50, options perfect for that end of summer vacation! And we’re going to continue that with affordable tops and sweaters from the NSale. Yes, that means tons of these are under $50!

How is it going to be different?

1. We’ve got dressing room photos so we are getting real candid. For the girls who love the more polished outfit pictures, I got you covered too!

2. I’m going to be brutally honest with what didn’t work. I got an overwhelming amount of feedback asking for tops that didn’t work.

As a taller girl with some curves, there are so many instances where items don’t work out. Sometimes, I see someone else in a top I’ve tried on and it will look super cute on them. But since no part of my body is classified as “petite”, it looks terrible on me. My style motto is to flatter every. single. thing. Broad shoulders? Minimize them by staying away from the cold shoulder (most of the time, although this is an approved option). Long torso? Well you’re about to see a few things that ended up as awkward crop tops on me. And if you’re just generally a little more “average” sized, I’m right there with you girl. I feel you.

So let’s jump in.

Pink V-Neck Sweater ($25, above).

Thoughts: I’m such a basic B but I love it. BUY.

Yeah, a v-neck sweater isn’t revolutionary. But when you wear them almost every day to work, they are something to get excited about. It’s also $25 and there are 4 colors left so buy it NOW! Size down if you’re under 5’5″ and if you’re tall, order your regular size.

burgundy tie front sweater

Tie Front Pullover ($40).

Thoughts: A little twist on a basic (get it?) and I’m sold. BUY.

I really thought I’d be bored by this tie front sweater. However, the fit of it MAKES this sweater a favorite. The material is lightweight so it makes a great transitional piece and it’s incredibly easy to layer. I originally bought the burgundy and after shooting with it in this outfit, went back to order black. It’s $40 and there are 6 colors left! Order your regular size.

cozy white v-neck sweater nordstrom sale
white knit sweater nordstrom

Cozy V-Neck Knit ($45).

Thoughts: Snuggle up! BUY (if it comes back in stock).

So I hate including things that have sold out – I know it’s frustrating. But Nordstrom is notorious for restocking. Let’s hope they get the hint on this beauty. It was $45 and I sized down to an XS with plenty of room to cozy up. So while we wait for our favorite retailer to get a clue, check out a few more of my favorite (similar) sweaters both from the sale and not on sale!

off the shoulder pink sweatshirt nordstrom

Off the Shoulder Sweatshirt ($26).

Thoughts: Hello gorgeous! BUY (if you wear off the shoulders a lot).

I didn’t expect much from a $26 sweatshirt and boy was I wrong. While the material isn’t thick – it’s not going to keep you warm in sub-zero temps – it’s such a flattering pick. It runs true to size! It also just sold out so keep your eyes peeled for a restock. Again, here are some blush beauties to tide you over.

long sleeve white basic tee

Basic Long Sleeve Tee in White ($18).

Thoughts: it’s $18 so is it really worth it to send it back? I guess I’ll keep it.

I also ordered this long sleeved tee in the striped print which is selling out fast! My advice on Instagram was to buy whatever color of this shirt they have in your size or a size down. I mean it. Except for the white… It’s a little see through but easy to layer with a tank. If you need to stock up on basics, buy one. Otherwise, pass. Get this softest cardigan ever (SERIOUSLY) and this scarf which is under $25 instead!

women's white button up shirt

Tie Sleeve Button Down ($60).

Thoughts: The office is boring but your work wardrobe doesn’t have to be. BUY.

Like most of us who spend the majority of our week in the office, we need a little inspiration so we don’t bore ourselves to death with our OOTDs. While I’m styling this tie sleeve button down in a more casual way with a fur vest, it can easily be paired with business slacks or a skirt. The tie sleeve detail is fab too. Get a little more mileage out of it by styling it for the weekend like I have here! Size down one size.

affordable white basic v neck tee

THEE V-Neck Tee ($16).

Thoughts: I’ve worn this 3 times in 6 days. #NoShameInThisGame. BUY (in every single color).

$16 is a steal for this tee! I bought the white, grey, navy, and black. I got the white in both a small and XS because you never know how you’re going to need a top to fit. This basic t-shirt is going to be worn on repeat. I mean, just look how cute it is with this lavender moto jacket! It also pairs perfectly with all the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale cardigans!

tie sleeve burgundy top nordstrom anniversary sale
cold shoulder sweatshirt for fall fashion

Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt ($46).

Thoughts: I tried really hard to hate this. And I failed. BUY in burgundy, green, or navy. Grey and black just look cheap.

You know how sometimes you just want to wear sweatpants? This top is sweatpants for your upper half. But unlike a pair of your favorite college branded sweats, it’s ultra flattering. Added bonus? You can still wear a regular bra. While I’m not usually a fan of the cold shoulder, this one is surprisingly flattering. It’s also not too revealing so if you have a fashion forward workplace, you would show it off at the office. I ordered a small and liked the fit but could have probably ordered down a size too. I’m pairing it with my favorite Tory Burch riding boots ($200 off right now)!

striped long sleeve tee

Striped Long Sleeve Tee ($19).

Thoughts: Would everyone kill me if I bought 100 of these to wear on repeat? I don’t care if they’re sold out for everyone else – I need them. BUY (in every color except white, see above).

I freaking love this top. I’m guessing you could tell because it made the cut as one of the 10 must have items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I wore it to work on Monday and it’s safe to say, I’ll probably be doing that every week until next year’s sale. My favorite way to style it is under an olive military jacket. If you’re ready for a little ruffle, try this printed military jacket I’m pairing it with here!

grey tiered sleeve sweater

Tiered Bell Sleeve Top ($43).

Thoughts: Belle of the (Nordstrom) ball. BUY.

Even Matt approved of this tiered bell sleeve top! It comes in 3 colors and I also considered the pink. The fabric is so soft and it’s really comfy to wear. It’s so easy to dress down with some jean shorts or dress up with a statement necklace and fun booties like I did here. Hey, if you wanted to sleep in it, you could. It’s that soft! I’d just pass on the black because who knows what that’s going to look like once you wash it.

burgundy peplum top anniversary sale

Peplum Top ($39).

Thoughts: this will put a little pep in your step and cover up a food baby. BUY.

I also got the chambray color (3 colors available) because I felt like it would be perfect for summer with denim. Peplum done right has the ability to highlight that feminine figure. I don’t know a girl who doesn’t want that! Size down if you’re short. Buy your true size if your torso is longer than the work week.

pink pajama top wayf

Satin Pajama Top ($46).

Thoughts: I made it work but it wasn’t easy. PASS.

How is a normal American girl supposed to wear this satin top? While it’s cute how I styled it, it wasn’t easy to figure out what to pair it with. That’s a number one criteria for my fashion purchases. I doubt the slate color will be much easier. So unless you regularly dress with a little flair, this top isn’t for you. Also, it didn’t fit my broad shoulders and tall frame super well (wearing a small). I felt like I was the Hulk and would rip through it at any second. Not cute. And I doubt a medium would have been better.

plaid BP button down

Plaid Button Down ($32).

Thoughts: I need it in every color. BUY.

Yeah I love this top. I also own 2 of last year’s colors. Plaid just seems to come in handy for so many events. Whether you’re like dancing at your favorite country music concert or just looking for a soft, non solid shirt, get this now. And don’t be afraid to order more than one color. It’s selling out fast! I’m wearing a Small but could have fit into an XS. Although, I personally like the slouchy look for a plaid top. No one wants to look like they’re being restrained by their button down. Not cute.

Alright y’all, here’s where it gets rough. I’m sharing dressing room photos which I’ve never done before! I’m personally a fan of the edited pic but let’s see what you guys think. Let me know!

caslon cashmere sweater pink

side tie nordstrom sweater

Side Tie Sweater ($90).

Thoughts: Really soft, just like my love handles that the side slit shows off. Also, this picture quality sucks. PASS.

While I was def looking to add a little cashmere to my closet, the side slots ruined this for me. I’m wearing an XS but even a Small wouldn’t have covered my love handles. I hate buying things that I HAVE to layer over other things. I like flexibility! If you aren’t tall though, I’ll leave you to all these sweaters. I just don’t think my coworkers need to see my meatiest part. Can’t find it online anymore which means it sold out. Thank goodness. But here’s a slit back one that might be kinda cute?

white striped off the shoulder top

Off the Shoulder Striped Shirt ($39).

Thoughts: Cute but where the eff am I going to wear this? PASS.

This off the shoulder button down was cute, in theory. The fabric was starchy and the fit across the shoulders was just awkward. It also looks like you were trying to do an office to dinner date transition but stopped somewhere in between. Awkwardly. No thanks. I’d take any of these other striped NSale shirts any day.

polka dot tiered sleeve top

Polka Dot Tiered Sleeve Top ($32).

Thoughts: A long torso makes for an awkward crop top. PASS for tall girls.

I tried on this top in black for y’all on IG Stories. I mentioned sizing up if you’re tall but this medium didn’t fit me any better. It just got looser at my sides, not longer. If you’re under 5’5′, I envy you. This $32 top is too cute and you need at least 2 colors.

grey peplum sweater

Bell Sleeve Sweater ($43).

Thoughts: I feel like an oompa-loompa that stuck its sweater in the dryer, turning it into a crop top. PASS (for tall girls).

I first tried this sweater on in mustard and Matt told me I couldn’t pull it off. The grey is now sold out but I should have known that any top by Topshop would run short. It’s just like all their cute camis which they refuse to put adjustable straps on. Blows my mind. This sweater just ended up cutting me at an awkward height, showing off my wide hips. While some guy on Instagram once complimented my “Shakira hips”, I’ll stick to hiding them, thanks.

Whew! What a post! I hope that helped you guys. If anything, it gave you a glimpse into tall girl problems and the fact that I don’t look good in everything I wear. I just know what works for me and stick to it! As a reminder, you can visit this page to see all of my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts!

Let me know if y’all liked me sharing what didn’t work with you! Y’all asked me for it but I’d love to hear what you think or if there are ways I could make it better (other than better dressing room photos – those make me cringe)!


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