What You Need From the Sephora Sale

beautycounter cream blush is better than matte blush

It’s here! The bi-annual sale that every Sephora junkie saves up for (at least I do)! The sale now open to VIB Members and Beauty Insiders today. If you’re not a Beauty Insider, you can sign up for free! I’d also recommend shopping on the first day (so April 20th) because things tend to sell out fast.

What Products I Recommend.

I have a bunch of tried and true products that you can get at Sephora. Scroll through below to see all my comments!

What Products I’m Getting.

Just in case you wanted to see what I bought, I thought I’d include what I bought and why I bought it! I’m trying a bunch of new products this sale! I also was looking to try a few new skincare products from Tata Harper – both of which have ingredient lists that look pretty good. When it comes to hair, Sephora kept recommending Briogeo so I have bought a few things and they are outstanding! I’m going back for more this sale! Looks pretty safe as well!

Secret Tip: Buy Minis.

One of my favorite things is to stock on minis during this sale. It’s a great way to try products without having to buy the whole contain (in case something doesn’t work out). This is how I first discovered this coconut melt – I actually rebought the mini as well as the full size. I’m going to carry the mini in my purse and keep it at work during the week! I love that they double as travel sized products – not just trial sized products. Last sale, I got this cellulite cream and this hair mask. I also love this mini hair set by Bumble and Bumble – it’s amazing for hydrating hair especially with fall and winter ahead!



7 thoughts on “What You Need From the Sephora Sale

  1. Question for you! I’ve been wearing Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer for years and wanted to try the Beatycounter one. Would you say it’s similiar to Laura Mercier? I was going to rebuy it during the Sephora sale but thought it might be time to try something new! Thanks in advance!

    1. Laura Mercier is a great product but I actually like the Beautycounter tint skin better! There are a few toxic chemicals in the LM tinted moisturizer that I wouldn’t recommend for everyday use. Ultimately my skin was happier without the chemicals. Note that the Tint Skin doesn’t have SPF so if you want SPF, grab the BC face stick (it smells really good and is easy to apply) or try the Dew Skin. The Dew Skin is a little more sunscreen-y than LM but workable if you’re committed to something safer! Here are the options I would recommend (in order of preference):

      1. Tint Skin everyday for work if not having SPF is okay (we don’t have much sun in Chicago)!
      2. Dew Skin + a Matte powder if you’re looking for just one product (try RMS Beauty with tint or the one by Beautycounter if you want to checkout all in the same place)
      3. Face stick OR Dew Skin under Tint Skin. Both combos work really well but feel a little more sunscreen-y on your skin than is ideal for work (for being in the sun, totally fine). This is only if you don’t mind layering products! Dew Skin + Tint Skin is slightly better but the face stick is a must have for spring/summer IMO just to have. Super easy to apply, smells amazing, and easy to carry in your bag. Here is what I’m referring to: https://www.beautycounter.com/jennifercolgrove?goto=skin-care%2Fsunscreen%2Fprotect-stick-sunscreen-spf-30-sweet-tooth-face.html

  2. I’ve read so much on chemical sunscreens so I was wondering since you recommended the Supergoop, what are your thoughts?

    1. Supergoop is generally a brand that leans toward safer products however their sunscreen contains a few things I wouldn’t recommend: PEGs, EDTA, and tocopherol (debatably). I know the Beautycounter ones are safer and also environmentally friendly too if you’re looking for one: https://www.beautycounter.com/jennifercolgrove?goto=skin-care%2Fsunscreen%2Fprotect-broad-spectrum-spf-30-all-over-sunscreen.html

      I’d recommend the body and face stick if you don’t like getting your hands dirty! https://www.beautycounter.com/jennifercolgrove?goto=skin-care%2Fsunscreen%2Fprotect-stick-sunscreen-spf-30-sweet-tooth-face.html

    1. Hi Megan!

      I actually use Smile – it’s a pink/coral/red color which I felt like was really good for spring/summer!

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