Bedroom Refresh: Navy and White Bedding

navy and white bedding from serena and lily

Duvet Cover | Border Frame Euro Shams | Cayman Sheets | Casablanca Pom Throw | Eva Tassel Pillow | Bohemian Floor Lamp (on sale!) | Accent Chair

When Matt and I were doing long distance, apparently I went a little overboard with the girly decor on our new home. If you saw my reveal of our guest bedroom, you know what I mean. Pink velvet pillows? Still one of my favorite home decor purchases to date! Matt didn’t seem to mind either (except for the fact he hates how many accent pillows I have – more on that here). That was, until we had company…

One too many male guests came over and made subtle references to the blush pink throughout the room. One even said it was like they were living in Pinterest. While I thought that was a compliment, Matt took it as a sign. I got the side eye from him and knew it was time for a change. Or at least another option!

I got to work researching bedding and fell in love with Serena & Lily. The designs were classic and also happened to be appropriate for a man. I was definitely tempted to get the blush scalloped duvet but reminded myself I had been assigned a goal: to de girl-ify the room just a little. I settled on navy and white. Timeless and the perfect amount of nautical!

When opening up the sheets, I didn’t think much of the sateen texture and high quality threading. However, once washed and placed on the bed, I immediately caught myself regretting my decision… to not redo our master bedroom too! These sheets are phenomenal y’all! Seriously the softest and most comfortable thing I’ve ever felt! It definitely had both Matt and I considering sleeping in the guest bed for a night or two!

If you aren’t familiar with the brand Serena & Lily, you should check them out for bedding as well as their unique home decor accents. You spent most of your life in your sheets so you want something perfect, right? Right. I’m still trying to figure out if Matt will let me put their hanging rattan chair in our living room somehow. Forget the repercussions of our apartment building management. It’s so cute! A girl can dream though… They’re offering 15% off with code IG15 right now too!

Do you have a favorite bedding brand? Or love your sheets? Tell me what you love below!

white pom tassel throw blanket

grey chair and a a tassel throw blanket

blue sateen sheets with a navy tassel throw pillow

white duvet cover with navy blue embroidery

how to style your guest bedroom

navy and white accent pillows by serena and lily

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  1. I’m always inspired by your room posts. You have the loveliest eye for interior decorating. I love those classy sheets. They sound phenomenal!

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