What to Wear on Your First Day of Work

what to wear on your first day of work

Bobeau Blouse (old) | Pencil Skirt | Black Pumps | Similar Black Satchel | Black Sunglasses

So you got the job. Congratulations! Now what do you wear on your first day to work? First impressions are everything! 

My go to first day to work outfit is a blouse and my suit skirt. Let’s begin by talking about why a skirt suit. First, I like to make sure I’m getting mileage out of my suit skirt. Buying a suit is one of the first investments you need to make when you’re going into the professional workplace. You can opt for a more affordable suit but I found that they never fit me quit right. I also couldn’t find one that looked high quality (albeit I haven’t bought a new one in 5 years!). I ended up going with a J. Crew suit because they were a good mid-tier price point. I found two from J.Crew Factory (here and here) that would be my pick if I had to pick another one today! It was definitely an investment but hopefully, you can wear it to every interview. You can also wear the skirt and blazer as separates!

So why a skirt? If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know that I’m a huge supporter of women in the workplace. I don’t believe in hiding the fact that we’re female either! Embrace it. That doesn’t mean I don’t ever wear pants. It just means don’t feel like you have to wear pants to fit in!

The other essential for your first day of work is a good blouse. I love blouses like this because you can style them so many ways. They’re a little less “stuffy” than a button down top. You can also style them with your suit blazer and it sets you apart a little. I love a good button down but I often feel like button down shirts under a blazer are uncomfortable. It’s a little too many layers for me. It can also get a little hot if you’re interviewing in spring, summer, or fall most places. Blouses are more stylish too!

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite blouses that are easily styled with a skirt like this. They also happen to work really well with business slacks, leggings, and denim. I love that blouses like this are so versatile! Almost all of these come in multiple colors – some even up to 12 different colors!

What did you wear on your first day of work? Do you have a go to first day of work outfit?

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what to wear on your first day of work

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