Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

valentine's day outfit idea for date night

Exact Wine Red Backless Dress (under $50) | Black Studded Heels | Black Clutch

I don’t care who you are or what your relationship status is but there’s something a little exciting about getting dressed up for Valentine’s Day. It’s kind of like getting dressed up for a themed party. Admittedly, I also find sitting on the couch in sweatpants exciting so when it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day (and themed parties), I’m torn. If you’re dressing up, here are some cute dresses and tops to fit the holiday!

My go to for Valentine’s Day is a dress especially now that I’m with Matt. It’s one of the few excuses I have to wear a dress. Because everyone knows I’m not going to risk frostbite for a regular date night here in Chicago! Plus, Matt loves when I get dressed up which I respect in a healthy, non-gender stereotyped way (y’all know from this post I’m the breadwinner so our relationship is not as traditional). I just love that he encourages me to do whatever I want. Before you click off this post, grossed out and nauseated, let’s get back to the essentials. What dresses are out there right now?

Here are some of my favorite dresses that I feel you can wear from now through summer. You guys know I’m a lover of things that are multi-purpose. You’ll see things that aren’t obviously Valentine’s Day themed and just generally cute pieces!


Since I’m assuming we all have pants and skirts, I am also going to share some cute tops! These you can rewear on date night year round and some of them you can even repurpose for work! My favorite way to restyle camis for the office is to wear a blazer over them! I do this a lot on my OOTDs that I share every morning on Instagram Stories!


As you’ll notice, I included a bunch of black tops so you can re-use them throughout the year! Nothing is too revealing either! Definitely could rewear a lot of these to the office!

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Are you going out or staying in?

Let me know what you think!