The Best Quality Work Bag

best quality leather work bag that can fit a laptop

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What does every businesswoman want? Aside from Friday to be here? A good quality work bag that can fit a laptop (and everything else we need to carry), lasts for years, and looks stylish. So what’s my favorite? 

Cuyana (and this isn’t sponsored – I’m just sharing one of the best finds). This is a brand I have loved for years. It might actually be closer to a decade at this point. I love everything the brand represents. Their motto is “fewer, better things” and amen for that. One of Matt’s first gifts to me was actually Classic Leather Tote in stone and he had it monogrammed with my married initials. I still use it to this day and it looks brand new.

While I love the Classic Leather Tote, their new Classic Structured Leather Tote is my new favorite. I love the amount of structure in it. It’s not too much and it’s not too little. My biggest complaint about the Classic Leather Tote was that it lacked the structure I wanted for every day use. Especially for work. So when I found that they had created a version with structure I was sold.

The Classic Structured Leather Tote is truly the best work tote I’ve ever had. I’ve been carrying it every day for the last couple months (through rain and snow) and it still looks amazing. It’s got the perfect shape, it holds a laptop (and then some), and it has 2 inner pockets to store lip balm or whatever else you might want to carry with you. I have the Caramel color and I love it so much. I truly can’t tell you how amazing this tote is! If you’re a career woman, this tote is a must. It’s the perfect piece to walk into an interview, carry on a daily basis, and transition to the weekend. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things!

I also like to use the small case from their Travel Case Set to carry my Invisalign stuff with me every day. I shared these travel cases when I was traveling to NYC for work and you all went crazy for them! I think I had more swipe ups on Instagram Stories than any other product I’ve linked to! I think the large case is great for toiletries when traveling. The small one is a little small for the amount of makeup I wear (or skincare for that matter) so that’s why I use it for my Invisalign stuff. It would also work great for touch up makeup during the day! I didn’t share this but I used their Triangle Pouch to carry some of my jewelry on that trip too! This Vanity Case Set might be better for makeup. I feel like it’s new because I haven’t seen it before!

Fun fact, when Matt and I went to Indianapolis for a wedding last year, the Cuyana Weekender Tote was the bag I showed him carrying. If you’re looking for a duffle bag to take on a weekend trip, I strongly recommend it. It’s deceivingly large. I love the navy and I feel like it’s unisex. It would make for a great gift for a guy too as well as their men’s toiletry case.

Here are some of my favorite Cuyana pieces that I own and love. The quality of each and every piece is truly beyond anything else I’ve owned (except maybe my Valentino pieces). However, the Cuyana pieces are a lot more affordable. While they aren’t budget pieces, they will last you 4 times as long (at least) and for that, I feel like the prices are more than reasonable. They’re also classic. You won’t need to buy a new one every season!

Have you tried anything from Cuyana? You should think about adding it to your gift wish list for any upcoming holidays!

Let me know what you think!