The Perfect Beach Coverup

grey maxi dress from shopbop for the beach

Grey Maxi Dress (AKA Cover Up) | Pink Velvet Sandals | Pink Leather Tote | Pink Sunglasses | White Lace Bra | Threader Earrings (I love these because you can sleep in them!) | Gold Necklace

I always forget to pack cover ups when we’re going on vacation. Always. I don’t know what it is but they always seem to be an after thought. That’s why they were first on my list of 5 things to pack for a warm weather vacation.

When it comes to coverups, I tend to gravitate toward dresses that don’t look like coverups. I mean, tassels and sheer lace is adorable, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t find myself on a beach or at a pool enough to warrant buying an outfit just for that occasion. I prefer if my coverup can also be worn to a location that doesn’t have a large body of water.

All this to say, this maxi dress is my ideal coverup. It’s long and flowing which makes it so perfect for the beach breeze. It’s loose enough to avoid any awkward bathing suit lines or irritate sunburns. It can also easily be worn in public. While we were in Tampa, I worn this out to a casual dinner one night. Come summer, I’m going to be living in dresses like these. I bought a nearly identical one last year in light blue and I always regretted not buying the grey. So glad this one came out this year!

PS. How bad is this sunburn I got (within the first 2 hours of being in Florida)? I’m usually so good with putting on sunscreen. I’m terrified of looking like a wrinkled old lady any earlier than I need to. However, Matt didn’t let me check a bag so I couldn’t bring our sunscreen! I was loving the feel of the fun so much after not seeing it for the last 4 months and didn’t even realize I was getting burned. I was kicking myself all weekend. Actually, I’m still kicking myself. I feel like a lizard right now I’m molting so much! Y’all know what I’m talking about. It’s gross.

Tampa bay pier

inside out dutch braid and a white lace bra

Blush pink velvet sandals and a bon voyage wide brimmed hat.

what to wear on a beach vacation

comfortable maxi dress for summer

pink sunglasses and a grey coverup maxi dress

braided blonde hair and a pink leather tote bag


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  1. I think we have the same problems when it comes to cover-ups! I always forget mine, and I also prefer them to be regular dresses rather than sheer or specifically designed as a cover-up haha. I love the maxi you’re donning! So pretty!

    Stephanie //

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