Living Room Reveal with Ashley HomeStore

Neutral and grey sofa couch

After many nights of being used as your husband’s footrest, you start to realize the importance of having a comfortable couch. The constant shifting around while binge watching House of Cards and Downton Abbey is just too much. At least, it was for me. So, we got rid of our sofas entirely and I went to work redesigning the living room with Ashley HomeStore! We definitely had no place to sit for a few weeks but on the plus side, the open space was well utilized for my clothing and incoming blog packages. See here for my feature on their blog too!

When I first asked Matt if he had any requests about the new space, he said the most important thing to him was the couch. As any good wife does, I love to acknowledge my husband’s concerns and then swiftly discard them if they don’t fit within my decorative vision. We teased about what “comfortable” meant to Matt and I took away two things. First, he wanted a sectional. Of course, I had never in my life considered getting a sectional – they seem so adult and restrictive. However, after browsing Ashley HomeStore online we found a few options including this amazing piece which fit perfectly into my neutral requirements. Secondly, Matt said he wanted it to be optimal for video gaming. Of all things, video gaming. Not snuggling with bae, not entertaining guests, and not beautiful Instagram-worthy photos. Sigh. We decided to visit our local store so that he could assess the comfort level in person. It was that important. You better believe I held my breath as he sat down on the Wilcot Sectional. He approved!

For furniture, I fell in love with the apothecary-inspired design of the Keeblen Coffee Table and matching TV stand. A huge thing for us is storage because I hate being able to see all the random tech gadgets that accompany the experience of living with a male. They do not make for pretty pictures although Matt would beg to differ. The first thing Matt did when we got the TV stand was remove the top middle door to make room for the Xbox. While his “improvement” wasn’t as visually appealing as I’d like, I had to admit it was practical. We don’t have cable anymore so we end up using it a ton. Matt even bought a sleek remote specifically for the Xbox which he claimed was for me despite the fact he uses it more than I do… I’m extremely pleased with the TV stand so far. While it looks like drawers, it’s actually shelves with a door which makes it really easy to store DVDs in an organized fashion.

I’m a huge proponent of rugs to brighten and bring a space together so I tackled that next! I love anything textured – I find that it makes the space more interesting. In my experience, designing a room isn’t an overnight process. It takes months to acquire all the small accessories and find the perfect place for everything but a great rug makes a tremendous difference in how polished your living area can look!

I also wanted to address lighting. While Matt would prefer to live in a bat cave, I love brightness! We had two really dim table lamps before and I wanted something unique that would actually light up the room adequately. I spotted the Shawny Arc Lamp and was immediately excited! The dramatic shape really adds a touch of something else to the space.

Onto the details. Pillows are my absolute favorite decor accessory. They can immediately bring your home to life and with a white couch, it’s so easy to refresh them seasonally to make the space relevant to that time of year. As a lover of anything textural, I mixed and matched different fabrics in grey and white. I really love the texture on the Lestyn Pillow – it’s really soft in person! Of course, I could not resist this woven Absalom Pouf. If I had it my way, my living room would just be a bunch of poufs. I’m such a bohemian. After hosting a Superbowl Party this year and struggling through some awkward seating, I really wanted to make sure we had enough comfortable spots to go around. Poufs are an incredible solution to that and they are so on trend!

Scroll through the pictures to see the finished product! FYI Ashley HomeStore is having an amazing Memorial Day sale so if you’re feeling inspired, it’s the perfect time to elevate your home decor!

Textured accent pillows in white

apothecary style coffee table

living room reveal with AshleyHomestore

a home decor inspiration for your living area

how to style your coffee table

How to make electronics look stylish at home

a white sofa with black and grey accent pieces

white roses in a brass vase

a textured knitted pouf to increase seating options

white denim and a ivory sweater

white buckle pillow

purple and white peonies

*This post was sponsored by Ashley HomeStore but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

27 thoughts on “Living Room Reveal with Ashley HomeStore

  1. Great neutral color for the sectional, love playing with pillows. Can never have enough of them. The wood looks awesome too. Love the roughness compared to the other soft textures. Great job!!

  2. Your living room looks like it was taken straight outta the catalog and to your place with great accents. It’s like an interior designer’s dream. OMG it looks so pretty and relaxing! Congrats on a beautiful space! BTW the throw is so lovely!

  3. Absolutely love this color palette! The wooden accents and touches really help pull the look together. That sofa looks like a great spot for binge-watching the latest tv show. :)

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