Gift Guide: 13 Boss Gifts

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1. CEO Tray: I love this for every girlboss!

2. Eye Mask: Because any working woman and student is probably exhausted, give her a little TLC!

3. iPhone Charger: I love this floral charger for her phone!

4. Gold Pens: Pens can be boring but these gold beauties aren’t!

5. Rose Gold Scissors: Even if she uses them only once in a while, these are gorgeous!

6. Burgundy Backpack: To carry all her stuff! Whether it’s books or a laptop!

7. Pencil Pouch: So she doesn’t have to go digging for a pen in her purse!

8. Notes Book: 2018 is almost here. Stay organized with this planner!

9. Pineapple Pencil Holder: A cute holder to organize all your pens and scissors!

10. Marble Tray: Can be used for many things!

11. Clips: These are amazing!

12: Girlboss Nameplate: I love this bold statement!

13. Pineapple Ring Holder: To hold jewelry and also serve as office decor!

So, which boss gifts did you go for? Let me know in the comments below!

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